Traditional Gold Ring for Women: A List of Few

by Francis Alukkas | 22 September 2021 | GOLD JEWELLERY

Rings are the sign of love, a sign of commitment, and a style quotient of fashion. Be it any occasion or any style, whether you are getting ready for a party or a family function, rings bring in a significant difference and complement your outfit of the day. Traditional gold rings for women have always found a special place in the hearts of jewel lovers. No matter how many rings they have, a traditional and a simple ring design is a must add on to the collection.

In this article, we have listed popular choices of traditional gold rings for women. We have listed down the most favorite and best seller simple ring designs that are suitable for daily use and partywear. Follow this article to take a quick look at the latest collections of traditional gold rings for women by Francis Alukkas.

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Traditional Gold Rings for Women

Whether in India or abroad, rings have a symbolic significance in married life. Wedding rings are usually worn on the third finger (index) of the right hand, and it is believed that the veins have a direct connection with the heart. With diamond rings being the most desirable stone and preferred engagement rings, rings in different cultures follow simple ring designs of traditional gold rings for women.

In Kerala, rings with names of the partners engraved are exchanged as a part of traditional custom. Other non-symbolic traditional gold rings for women include religion-specific rings with the om symbol, cross symbol, or rings with a birthstone, diamonds, and other stones embedded. Oversize rings have found their place in the trendiest jewelry pieces swooning the hearts of millions. With antique designs and traditional designs on hit, rings have always allured people with its simplicity and easy to carry and wear characteristics.

Simple Ring Design

There is a ring for everyone and every look. Every ring is beautiful, carrying unique specific stories in oneself, but just like its uniqueness, each piece best compliments individual looks and particular occasions. While huge and oversize rings best suit traditional wear or indo-western outfits, simple ring designs are the best while at work. One would not prefer a complicated and delicate ring design for daily wear as there are more chances for damage.

There are a variety of designs in rings to suit each personality, look, and likes of people. Simple ring designs that do not have much of edgy appearances are preferred for daily use or office use. A simple ring design with a choice of stone adds simplicity and elegance to the complete look. Diamond studded rings in simple design often are the most preferable choice of rings style for weddings.

Simple Ring Design with Stone

Diamonds and rings have a long history and stories of love to share about. Talk of love: a diamond ring has a role for a forever promise. Diamond rings are the most intriguing and delicate Indian jewelry item, which tops as the best choice for gifting options. The popularity and the love for diamonds never ceases. Simple ring design with birthstones embedded often is worn as a symbol for protection, to bring fortune, wellness. Ruby, emerald, and other precious stones have always allured and are symbols of sophistication and elegance.

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Simple Ring Design Without Stone

Simple ring designs without stones are a preferred choice of style for daily use. This is because stone-studded rings hold a risk of losing the stone or the shine and also hinders the daily work. At Francis Alukkas, we have an array of collections of simple and traditional gold rings for women designed for everyday use at competitive prices.

Simple Ring Design for Couple

Couple rings have been popular in the coming years. With couples wanting to wear a similar ring, signifying engagement and commitment. Simple and daily to wear rings are most in-demand, with couples ordering customized rings to suit their likes and personalities. This trend is popularizing and setting up a couple goals. Francis Alukkas takes up customized orders for wedding rings and also displays a great collection of simple ring designs for couples.

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