Single Line Diamond Bangles Designs- Sort By Popularity

by Francis Alukkas | 22 September 2021 | DIAMOND JEWELLERY

Diwali is around the corner, and no festive look is complete without the right pair of bangles. Agree? Are you still looking to find your perfect pair or want to see more of the latest diamond bangles designs? Well, you have landed up at the right place! 

While we were looking and following up on the upcoming trends, we found that single line diamond bangles designs are in popular demand during lockdown. In this article we have curated for you, top 5 popular single line diamond bangles designs with price and other diamond bangle design. 

Shine a little more with the sparks of joy and happiness around this festive season with Francis Alukkas. And why not, a little bling is much needed to dull away the blues of the year 2020. 

Diamond collections: Francis Alukkas

For the precious you, our jewelers and craftsmen have come up with designs and collections that you would cherish forever. Diamond jewelry collections at Francis Alukkas are carefully made by personally selecting and picking up the best diamonds that are the brightest and shiniest. All the diamonds undergo a test to ensure that there are no dirt or other particles left that would interpose the magnificence of the diamond. Diamonds are then skillfully crafted to designs to adorn you with the shine of forever promise.   

Latest Diamond Bangles Design 2020

This year we are going simple yet elegant in style and design. Much in popular demand, take a sneak peek of why these single line diamond bangles designs and collections at Francis Alukkas are loved. 

Top 5 Single Line Diamond Bangles Designs with Price

1. Francis Alukkas– Bangles FA12008AN

Intricated with traditional designs and exquisitely modern in style, this single line bangle is your daily partner in crime and good times. Add them along with single or simple rings of gold bangles for extra drama and glam. Pair them with your choice of saree or kurta set, and complete your look with a nice pair of diamond earrings. Made of 18 kt of gold, this bangle is priced at 255,231 INR only. 

2. Francis Alukkas– Bangles FABG-02

Steal the show with the latest diamond bangles design that is deeply rooted in the tradition and perfectly matches with that saree for your evening. Complete your festive look with this splendid piece of jewel and make room for compliments on the way. Made of 18 kt gold and studded with 80 stunning diamond stones, this piece of jewel is the showstopper priced at 364,364 INR only. Shop them now from your nearest Francis Alukkas stores or online, and flaunt them this Diwali

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3. Francis Alukkas– Bangles FABG-28

Get them talking with the latest stylish, chic and elegant single line diamond bangle design by Francis Alukkas. Making your evenings brighter than any day, this unique piece of diamond bangle design is sure to woo your heart. It is made of 18kt gold and is lightweight priced at 205,272 INR, making it the perfect go to choice for daily wear. 

4. Francis Alukkas– Bangles FABG11513

This single line diamond bangle design is never out of fashion. Treasured and adored for a time long, the antique yet modern piece of single line bangle is a stellar match with your traditional outfit. Make this Diwali extra special by gifting this piece of jewel available at 448,466 INR, to your loved ones. It’s simple design and modern style makes it perfect for daily wear. 

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5. Francis Alukkas– Bangles FADOCB8717

Add a statement to your look and get those pairs of eyes following you awe-inspiring. The design is setting apart traditional styling. This all-rounder magnificent piece of single line diamond bangle design pairs perfectly with any style look and is a sure statement maker. Add this little joy of brilliance priced at  183,873 INR from Francis Alukkas to your collection and make it your own.

Francis Alukkas displays an array of beautiful and bespoke diamond jewelry collections. While every piece of the jewel has a story to tell, What is your story? 

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Note: The price may vary based on gold rate today

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