How to Measure Bangle Size: An Ultimate Guide

by Francis Alukkas | 22 September 2021 | GOLD JEWELLERY

Bangles are women’s best friend forever, don’t you agree? I mean, how many songs can you recollect when I say woman and bangles? So many, right! Finding the right size of bangle has always been an on-demand question. But, not anymore!

Francis Alukkas is here to solve your queries and help you find that right bangle. Follow this article to learn all the details on how to measure bangle size that fits you right.

Bangles for Woman

The significance of bangles in traditional India is very much like the symbolism of a mangalsutra or thali. Today they are celebrated and worn as a fashion statement. From different models and designs, bangles have evolved along with the modern trends of fashion, and have always been the first preference of a girl or woman, be it for a traditional or a modern look.

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Finding the Right Size

As much as there is a craze for bangles, so is the complexity in determining the size of the bangle. It is very important to know and wear the right size of bangle not only because there is a risk of losing bangles of larger size, but also because bangles of the right size add more defined beauty and look. Worried? Follow along to determine the standard size of bangles available in the market and tricks on how to measure bangle size.

How to Know My Bangle size?

Two of the most common methods to identify the size of your bangle are by using a measuring tape, thread, and a perfectly sized bangle with the help of a scale. Following this, compare the measurements with that shown in the table. Your sizes are the diameter of the circle.

Let’s see how!

How to Measure Bangle Size;

1. Using a Measuring Tape

With the help of someone, measure where your hand is the widest using the measuring tape and note down the measurements in millimeter (mm) or inches (in).

2. Using a Thread

Wrap the thread or a thin piece of paper around your fingers where your hand is the widest. Mark where the thread or paper joins and measure using a ruler or scale.

3. Using a Bangle That Perfectly Fits

With the help of a ruler or scale, measure the diameter of the bangle. Compare the measurements in inches or millimeters, referring to the size chart as given below.

4. The Standard Size of Bangles

Compare the size measurements you obtained with that of the chart, as shown. The size charts are the standard size of bangles that are available in the market. The availability depends on the most common bangle sizes. The standard bangle sizes also define the design variants’ availability. The smaller the bangle size, lesser are the range of choice of selection.

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5. Baby Bangle Size Chart

The size chart to determine the bangle size for babies differs from the standard size of bangles. You can evaluate the bangle size for babies using the same tools.

6. How to Measure Bangle Size for My Baby?

Gently wrap measuring tape or piece of thread around your baby’s wrist, just below the wrist-bone, in the exact place where you would place a watch and take note of the measurement. Add half to the measurement to get the correct bracelet size for your baby. If you choose to buy a bracelet for your baby, always make sure to buy models with extra holes to use them for a longer time, as babies tend to outgrow quickly. Refer to the standard size of the bangles chart below to determine the bangle size for your baby.

Were these tips useful for you to determine and measure the correct bangle size? If you have any plans to buy gold bangles online? If yes, then visit Francis Alukkas to view and get the latest design of bangles.

Baby XS 4 ½” circumference
2 – 6 Years S 5 ¼” circumference
6 – 8 Years M 5 3/4″ circumference
8+ years L 6 ¼” circumference
  Inches MM
2 – 2 6.68 169.7
2 – 4 7.07 179.6
2 – 6 7.46 189.5
2 – 8 7.85 199.4
2 – 10 8.24 209.3
2 – 12 8.64 219.5
2 – 14 9.03 229.4
3 9.42 239.3

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