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Heavy Gold Mangalsutra Designs and Collections

Mangalsutra is a sacred thread in the hindu culture. It holds a very special place in the hearts of a Hindu bride, often representing her marital life. Just as rings are exchanged during western weddings as a symbol of commitment for life, mangalsutra symbolises marriage and unification of two souls for the next seven lifes in the Indian culture.

Heavy Gold Mangalsutra

Mangalsutra, also known as Thali in South India, is a unique jewel piece that is different for the varied cultures and traditions in India. There are different types of traditional mangalsutra designs. At Francis Alukkas, we value the sentiments of our Indian culture. Looking for a heavy gold Mangalsutra for your bride? Take a look at our exquisite designer and traditional mangalsutra design gold collection. Get your traditional mangalsutra designs crafted and customized as per your wish at Francis Alukkas

Traditional Mangalsutra Design

Want to add that traditional touch to your wedding? Every culture has its own tradition that is special and unique to themselves. Flaunt that Traditional mangalsutra design on your big day. We have unique collections catered to the North Indian and South Indian cultures at Francis Alukkas. Get your mangalsutra designed and customised as you like it at Francis Alukkas.

Designer Mangalsutra Chain

Mangalsutra today is more than just a sacred thread. With people looking for modern designs to suit their daily lifestyles, we at Francis Alukkas have come up with designer mangalsutra chains. While you can wear the Traditional mangalsutra design on your big day, sometimes you cannot wear those Heavy Gold Mangalsutra on a daily basis. Check out the latest designer mangalsutra chain at Francis Alukkas. We also have mangalsutra bracelets and other collections that you can pair along with your casual attires.

Buy Gold Mangalsutra Online

If you are stuck at home or abroad and do not have the time to visit our stores, don’t worry! We have got you sorted. Francis Alukkas online store displays all the collections that we have in our stores. Take a look at our entire mangalsutra collections. Buy gold mangalsutra online at Francis Alukkas.