Yellow Diamonds- An Overview

by Francis Alukkas | 27 May 2023 | DIAMOND JEWELLERY

"What is the color of diamonds? Are they colorless?"

Not quite right! The color of diamonds can vary for several reasons. While some diamonds are indeed colorless or white, there is a wide range of colors found in diamonds. One of the most common and readily available gemstones in its natural state is colorless or white. However, among the vast array of colors, yellow diamonds are both rare and exquisite. These days, yellow diamonds are gaining popularity and are frequently used in combination with gold jewelry. Here, we will provide an overview of these unique natural fancy yellow diamonds.

It is well-known that the majority of naturally mined diamonds possess a light yellow tint. However, the yellow diamonds being discussed here are distinct. We are referring to diamonds that exhibit shades ranging from brownish-yellow to orangey-yellow to greenish-yellow, which are exceptionally rare. 

What is a Yellow Diamond?

Yellow diamonds are the most valuable gemstone with unmatched beauty and it symbolizes wealth and success. When viewed in the "face-up" position, this will be yellow-colored due to the presence of nitrogen atoms. Only one out of every 10,000 carats of diamonds mined will be yellow diamonds, which shows the extreme rarity. Except for the color, the yellow diamonds appear similar to other diamonds that sparkle. And the brightness depends on the diamond quality and cut. In order to exhibit the yellow color properly, an oval-shaped cut is mostly preferred for yellow diamonds than a round shape, which reflects more light. The value of this diamond is determined by how deeper the hue is.

When considering the origin and history, the first yellow-colored diamond was discovered in South Africa in 1867. A teenager in Hopetown found the yellow-colored rough stone in the ground and his mother gave it to their neighbor without realizing the worth. Later,  it traveled all over Europe and was bought by De Beers in 1967. This first discovered diamond is exhibited at the Kimberley Mine Museum and is known as Eureka diamond. Also, the Kimberley Octahedral diamond is the naturally formed world’s largest yellow diamond weighing 616 ct,  discovered in the Dutoitspan Mine in South Africa. Also, Read: How to Identify a Diamond is Real or Fake

Are Yellow Diamonds Expensive?

Definitely! But, the value of yellow diamonds depends mostly on color intensity, carat weight, cut quality, and overall rarity. The color intensity is the crucial factor and the more saturated the yellow hue is, the more valuable the diamond will be. I.e; compared with lighter or faint yellow diamonds, the deep and vibrant yellow color diamonds will be more valuable. Carat weight is the next factor determining the price and it actually refers to the size of diamond. Cut quality is also a factor where well-cut diamonds with excellent craftsmanship will be more expensive. The most common diamond cuts are oval, heart, pear, princess, and marquise. Apart from these, market demand, economic factors, and pricing strategies of individual sellers will also determine yellow diamonds price.

Types of Yellow Diamonds

Yellow diamonds also called canary diamond or canary yellow diamond are pure intense yellow diamonds. Based on the production, yellow diamonds can be categorized into naturally formed and lab-created. Apart from this, yellow diamonds are divided into 6 types based on the shade. This includes:

1. Light Yellow Diamond (least intense yellow color)

2. Yellow Diamond (a step darker than above)

3. Dark Yellow Diamond

4. Deep Yellow Diamond

5. Intense Yellow Diamond

6. Vivid Yellow Diamond (intense yellow hue with brownish, orange, brown, and greenish-yellow tints)

Uses of  Yellow Diamond

Stunning and vibrant jewelry designs can be created with Yellow diamond. Whether it is a engagement ring, earrings, necklace, bracelet, or ring, this fancy color diamond matches with yellow gold or it can also be used as a centerpiece together with other gemstones. When purchasing a yellow diamond jewelry, it is important to consider the diamond color intensity, the quality of the craftsmanship, the overall design, and personal preferences. Also, Read: All About Green Diamonds

Other key facts includes:

1. Yellow diamond is a unique and vibrant gemstone, which is claimed to offer physical wellness and promote emotional balance. 

2. This yellow fancy color diamond is associated with the zodiac birthstone of Gemini

3. Yellow diamond is a symbolizes sun, which represents warmth and power.

4. To prevent any damages, exposure to harsh chemicals or too much heat need to be avoided.

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