Traditional Kerala Jewellery Names: A Detailed Guide

by Francis Alukkas | 23 September 2021 | KERALA TRADITIONAL JEWELLERY

The love for gold in India is not something that is unheard of or unknown. And it’s not just about the love for gold but for details and art that make Indian jewels special and in demand. Traditional ornaments of Kerala have been an inspiration for many. The classic layering of Kerala traditional ornaments for the wedding is something to resonate when we talk of a Kerala bride.

Here’s a quick guide on traditional Kerala jewelry names if you are looking for some inspirational Kerala Hindu bridal jewelry sets for yourself.

Kerala Traditional Ornaments for Wedding: Must-Haves

If you are going to get married and are not accustomed to Kerala jewelry names or are not sure of what includes in the list of the must-have Kerala traditional ornaments for wedding, then we have got you sorted. We have compiled a list of traditional Kerala jewelry names and collections that you must have to get that authentic Kerala bride look. Each traditional ornament of Kerala has its importance representing the cultural and traditional beliefs of the land.

With you being aware and well sounded of the different traditional Kerala jewelry names and their importance, next time someone talks or asks, you may as well flaunt and impress them with your knowledge. So go ahead and give it a read. Also, check: How Gold Ornaments Price is Determined

Kerala Hindu Bridal Jewelry Sets

Bridal gold jewelry holds a very special place in Kerala, where the brides adorn the jewelry in layers starting from a choker necklace to Gaja mala followed by waist belt or chain, bangles, maang tikka, and earrings to complete the look. Now that you are aware of the order of jewels, let’s take a look at the different traditional Kerala jewelry names and their importance.

Traditional Kerala Jewelry Names

Lakshmi Mala or Kasu Mala: Lakshmi mala also popularly known as kasu (coins) mala is one of the most essential and must-have Kerala Hindu bridal jewelry sets. The necklace is threaded with a line of coins each engraved with the idol of goddess Lakshmi. According to Hindu religious beliefs, Lakshmi is believed to be the symbol and harbinger of wealth, and prosperity. At Francis Alukkas we have varied designs and collections of Lakshmi mala that you will love.

Manga Mala: Manga Mala is one of the popular traditional Kerala jewelry names. As the name suggests, the necklace derives its inspiration from the shape of mango and for the love of mango. With detailed paisley shaped golden pendants strung together to form a necklace, this piece is the most loved traditional ornaments of Kerala.

Mulla Mottu Mala:

Mulla Mottu in Malayalam translates to Jasmine buds. The traditional ornaments of Kerala represent the love and cultural beliefs of the land and this piece of jewel displays the shared love of jasmine flowers. This necklace consists of several small gold petals that are available both in plain gold or studded with stones. If you are an ardent fan of Kerala jewelry and designs Mulla Mottu Mala is a must-have.

Jimki: The love of jimkis popularly known as jhumkas in North India is universal. No one can go wrong with a traditional jimki available in different sizes and designs. The popularity and love for these bell-shaped earrings in Kerala are expressed through popular movie songs ‘Jimiki Kammal’ and also in a variety of forms. Adding a Jimki to your bridal look simply enhances your look and makes you feel complete.

Bangles: Bangles are an important element in bridal jewelry. A Kerala bride wearing bangles from wrist to elbow is a common sight in Kerala. Kerala is known for its varied bangle designs. There are different varieties of bangles that a Kerala bride would wear at her wedding such as the Palakka vala, Navratna vala, Palakka manga vala, thadavala, Ottavala, and many others. Also, read: Simple gold bangles for daily use.

Other popular traditional Kerala jewelry names that are a must-have for a bride are of course the Nagapada Thali, Palakka Mala, Pulinakham Mala, and Pathakam. This does not limit the varieties of traditional ornaments of Kerala.

Visit Francis Alukkas for complete Kerala types of bridal jewelry shopping. Let us know in the comments below, What are your favorite traditional ornaments of Kerala that you love the most?

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