Traditional Bangles of Kerala: An Overview

by Francis Alukkas | 17 September 2022 | GOLD JEWELLERY

South Indian temples are the inspiration for traditional ornaments of Kerala. Every item of Keralan jewelry has either a god or other divine figure or floral themes like leaves, trees, flowers, coins, bells, etc. imprinted on it. Do you know why temple designs are used to decorate Kerala traditional ornaments for weddings? It's because the temple-inspired designs give the person a sense of the divine's influence in their lives.

As a result, Keralan brides dress in temple jewelry for their wedding ceremonies. Kerala bangles are therefore made of pure gold, and the designs are definitely ones to look out for. These bangles have the most detailed and artistic designs ever and may be worn by both modern and traditional women.

Types of Traditional Gold Bangles

Bangles are an essential feature of any jewelry collection especially the traditional bangles of Kerala. When it comes to wearing bangles, women generally have distinct tastes. While some ladies have a soft spot for bright glass bracelets, others can't live without several pairs of gold bracelets. Some combine different types of women's gold bangles with glass bracelets. Some people choose to wear just one set of bangles.

Diamonds, jewels, pearls, and enamels are all popular choices. Bangles are a particular accessory that is only worn by married women, thus many brides choose to add a new item or two to their wedding outfit so they can keep wearing the bangles after the ceremony.

There are numerous styles and designs available to satisfy the passion for traditional gold bangles of Kerala. The thin Kada bangles are referred to as "Ottavala," while the thick ones are referred to as "thadavala." The kadas can be broad, flat, or rounded bracelets with beautiful designs.

A typical gold bangle called a palakka is adorned with blue and red stones in addition to the conventional green palakka stones. Most people in Kerala's Malabar region wear these bangles. Although the designs are largely influenced by nature, many of the styles use repetitive patterns of various leaf shapes. The cultural significance these traditional bangles possess, which never fails to amaze them, is the one thing that never changes. Also, Read: Gold Jewellery Making Charges: Things to Know

Traditional Kerala Bangles Design

The styles of bangles can range from being plain and simple to having complicated shapes and embellishments. Additionally, it can be considered in terms of its design, structure, and materials. While the structure and material of the bangle are key considerations, it is the styles that define them and make them treasured by their wearers.

Bangles are primarily made of precious and non-precious metals. Platinum, silver, white, yellow, and rose gold are the most often used metals.

Because pure gold bangles would be too soft to maintain a strong structure, pure gold is alloyed with copper and other metals, as in other jewelry, to change the color and fortify the finished product. Also, Read: Gold Jewellery Trends that Never Will Go

Kerala Traditional Wedding Ornaments

Kerala wedding traditions include a tranquil bride adorned in shining gold jewelry and beautiful diamonds. Every bride resembles a divine being on her special day, and traditional ornaments of Kerala can be combined with the modern world thanks to the stunning wedding jewelry that gets its inspiration from nature, community, and religion.

The most well-known and popular jewelry in Kerala is made of gold. The majority of Keralan traditional patterns are set in gold. There are numerous sets of Kerala wedding jewelry available to suit a variety of interests.

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