Top 6 Gifting Choices of Gold Ornaments for Baby Girl

by Francis Alukkas | 21 September 2021 | GOLD JEWELLERY

Be it the first cry of a baby or their first birthday; the occasions are always very special and joyful. One never fails to go to the extent to make these moments a memorable one. With this comes the greatest task of all; choosing the right gift! And what better option than gold jewelry to mark this golden moment forever remembering? Follow along this blog to learn about the top 10 gifting options of gold ornaments for baby girls.

Gold ornaments and jewelries always have a precious and auspicious notion to it in India. It is considered pure and also has religious and spiritual significance attached. This valuable gift is something that passes on at every stage of life and to the next generation with deep love and loads of blessings. Not only this, with age and time gold metal also adds up value, making it one of the bestest and wisest choices of gifting any day!

Now comes the real question! What is the best option in gold ornaments for a baby girl? Is it safe for newborn babies? Yes. Gold is a soft metal and does not corrode or rust hence does not harm or react to the tender skin of babies. It is considered to be one of the safest metal popularly known for its properties and medicinal or health benefits. It is very important that one buys gold only from trusted and reputed jewelers. At Francis Alukas, not only are there a plethora of designs and options for choosing the right gold jewelry design and pattern as of your choice, likes and budget but there is also an exclusive section dedicated for kids and newborn babies. Take a look at our best collections and options of jewelry designs in gold with price.

Gold jewelry gifting ideas and options for baby girl

Some of the popular choice of gifting gold jewelry for baby girls are:


Gold chains for new born babies are always the safest and the best choice of gift. This is because of the long-lasting and durable nature of the designs that can be used and worn at any stages of life. However, while buying a gold chain, especially for infants there are a few things that one must keep in mind. First, ensure that the gold is solidly made, so that the chain can withstand rough use. Second, select a chain with a good length (not too long) so that the jewel does not hamper the comfort of the baby and can be used at later stages. We recommend you to not buy light weight or thin jewels or design to ensure babies safety.


It’s always a bliss to watch your baby wrists adorned with bangles. They make a perfect gifting option for baby girls. Make sure you buy simple designs that do not have sharp or complicated structures for the safety of the baby.

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The combination of black & gold beaded bracelets have been trending for a long time. This unisex prodcut not only looks adorable but is also symbolised as to protect the baby from evil eyes. The modern jewelry is available in hundreds of styles and designs in the market. If you do not find the best choice you can always get your own personalised baby jewellery!


When it comes to gifting gold ornaments for baby girls, earrings are the most common product of choice. Ear piercing is done in India with respect to the cultural or traditional values. Gold earrings for baby girls in India are the most loved product available in different designs and patterns. You can choose from simple steads, to jimki/jhumki, to rings, to cute animal/fruit designs. Our choice would be a simple cute hanging earrings that would swing along their tiny nods!

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Gold anklets with little gold bells are the most cutest product for babies. Every time the baby makes a movement, your heart pounds with joy and love. They look too adorable as their tiny feet make the first walk. While buying gold anklets for babies make sure the edges are smooth. Ensure that the anklet comes with an extended chain, so that it does not limit the use as babies grow fast.

Coin & Gold Biscuits

Too confused to choose the right design? Worried if your gift would be liked or not? Gold coins and biscuits are here for your rescue. Gold coins are available in the form of pendants, earrings and more. You can always get Goddess Lakshmi, Ganesha and or for more personalised touch get your names imprinted on them. Coins are a unique gift that will always stand the test of time and the best part is, you can save up from making charges

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