Top Tips on Bridal Jewellery Set Selection

by Francis Alukkas | 22 September 2021 | INDIAN WEDDING JEWELLERY

India is a land of different cultures and traditions, with each tradition having its own culturally enrooted beliefs and symbols, jewelry being one amongst them. Jewels define the art and cultural beliefs of the land and carry in itself a story from history. 

In India, bridal jewelry is the center of attraction in weddings. Every bride dreams of a perfect wedding with a perfect design dress and beautiful Bridal Jewelry Set to complement the bridal look. A bridal jewelry set consists of a complete list of ornaments of a bride from head to toe. 

If you are looking for some Bridal jewelry Set buying tips, then you have come to the right place. Apart from the common and must-have bridal jewelry list, we have listed out a few tips to keep in mind while buying a Bridal Jewelry Set for yourself. Read along for some inspiration. 

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Indian Bridal Accessories List

Indian bridal accessories list is different in different cultural and traditional lands of India. It also differs based on religious beliefs. With Thali or mangalsutra being a common jewel set defining the married status or life of a woman in Hindu Culture, the designs of mangalsutra in different cultures are different.  

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Bridal Jewelry Set

Bridal jewelry shopping must be the first thing you must prioritize before beginning your wedding shopping because you don’t want to rush at the last moment and settle for anything. You want the best for your wedding. One another tip that we would suggest you keep in mind before buying a bridal jewelry set is to choose a jewel set that you can reuse on different functions. Newlyweds have a lot of occasions to visit, and we are sure you don’t want to look underdressed. 

Bridal Jewelry Set: Tips to Buy

    1. First things served in order. Rings being the first statement jewel that set the commitment on, you must look for engagement rings that perfectly match your personality and likes. Although diamond solitaire rings have their popularity, couple rings have been popular majorly off late. With couples investing in matching wedding bands to emboss their commitment to each other, we recommend you to check out a few of the couple ring collections from the bridal jewelry sets gold from Francis Alukkas. Keep in mind that an engagement ring is something you would want to wear always. So make sure you buy something simple for daily use and maybe a grand piece for d-day!
    2. Now often, brides make the mistake of choosing their bridal attires first and then look for matching jewels. The order of purchase must be in reverse. Like we suggested earlier, it is advisable to start investing in bridal jewelry sets beforehand so that they dig a hole in your pocket. 
    3. An understanding of your neckline is essential while choosing a bridal Jewellery Set. Always and always try to buy jewel sets to see how it looks in real life. Your neckpiece will compliment your wedding dress, so be choosy and select something that would match any type of dress. 
    4. Your second long-chain must match with your necklace and should also be a statement piece. Bridal jewelry sets are usually heavy and often cannot be used other than one’s wedding ceremony. Buy detachable,  multi-purpose necklaces that can be worn in different ways depending on the occasion. For example, you can use your long chain as a waist chain and complete your look.  Also, Read: Necklaces for Different Dress Necklines
    5. You can either choose to buy sets or buy jewels separately to keep up with the variety. While buying an earring, make sure you wear your necklace along to see if they are matching. You must also keep in mind the hairstyle that you would prefer for your wedding and visualize if the earring speaks for itself and your look.  Invest in multiple sets of earrings, as they are the easiest way to complete any given look on a stylish complete note. 

    Take a look at our latest bridal jewelry sets gold from Francis Alukkas. Try and buy matching jewel sets based on your bridal wear and choices. Let us know in the comments, What according to you is a must-have bridal jewel set? 

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