Top Things to Consider Before Accepting Offers on Gold Jewellery

by Francis Alukkas | 20 September 2021 | GOLD JEWELLERY

Indians’ are obsessed with the shiny and luxurious gold since ages.  Our appeal for gold has topped every other obsession, and this goes backs to centuries. This obsession and love for the sparkling yellow metal has made Indian one of the highest consumers of gold across the globe. Whenever we are planning to buy gold, one thing we check religiously is the offers on gold jewellery. Indians buy gold not only as a great accessory but also as a solid investment. Whether you are planning to buy gold online through an online gold jewellery shopping store or through offline jewellers, knowingly or unknowingly, we fall for the various gold offers that are being offered to us. 

Though we consider ourselves as skilled purchasers and negotiators, is it entirely true? As much as the gold consumption is higher, the fake gold offers and not-so beneficial offers on gold jewellery are increasing dynamically. It is essential to check certain points before accepting offers on gold jewellery. If you want to get the best deal for the investment you are making, do read this complete blog and we promise you will get a clearer picture of offers on gold jewellery by the end of this blog. 

Be it the aesthetic or the investment value, gold offers a huge value for money. Whether you are purchasing gold ornaments, or gold coins or even gold bars, there are many chances for your purchase to end up as a great deal or as a biggest blunder. While gold ornaments are aesthetically pleasing and adorned by every Indian household, the gold coins and bars are highly preferred by investors. 

Important factors to consider when accepting offers on gold jewellery

Prior to jumping to conclusions on buying offers on gold jewellery, there are certain points you need to take into consideration. Listed below are the most important things you need to pay attention to before accepting offers on gold jewellery. 

Purity of Gold

The most important factor you need to consider before buying gold on offers is the purity of the gold that is being offered to you. While the highest purity indicator is 24K carat gold, you can consider buying upto 22 carat gold. Anything lesser that might be a loss of your money even if you are buying it for a great offer on gold jewellery. Also 


The credibility and the purity of the gold is measured and marked by the manufacturer, as BIS Hallmarked (Bureau of Indian Standards) and 916, which is the ratio of gold to the alloy mixed in it, to be more precise, 91.6 percent of gold and the rest will be the alloy. Hallmarking is done by stamping the identification of purity, jeweller and the year of hallmarking. Also, check: What is 916 Gold?


Though this might sound unimportant, the credibility of the gold has a great connection with the tamper-proof packaging offered by the jewellery manufacturer. Any malpractice in terms of reduction of the weight of offers on gold jewellery or the lesser purity of gold can be reduced by a tamper-proof packaging. 

Making of the ornaments 

The technical advancements of this modern era allows the jewellery manufacturers to make gold coins and bars or even ornaments with the help of various machines. However, the finishing and craftsmanship of human-made jewellery is sought after than the huge offers on gold jewellery that are machine-made. While the former is preferred by wearers, the later would be a wiser choice for the investors. 

Making charges

Sometimes the making charges offered will be way lesser for the namesake of offers on gold jewellery but the tax and such will be higher. The machine-made gold has a lower making charge compared to the hand crafted jewellery pieces. Do consider the same while buying gold to avoid unnecessary making charges. 

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There might be many discounts and offers on gold that might try to lure you into buying them but if the jeweller who is offering all these amazing gold offers, are these offers on gold jewellery really worth it? Do not by any chance purchase from a gold seller if the jewellery is cheap and the gold offered doesn’t have a hallmark and the purity of the gold is in question here. Do not spend your hard earned money on gold offers that are not worth it. Always check for the authenticity of the seller before buying even a gram of gold in a gold offer. 

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