Old Gold Exchange to New Gold: Checklist

by Francis Alukkas | 22 September 2021 | GOLD JEWELLERY

Gold is the best form of investment. I am sure you all will agree to this fact today more than anytime before. With the gold rates skyrocketing, one convenient way to buy gold is to exchange old gold with new. As time passes by, our tastes and trends change. Let’s admit, holding back gold ornaments that you are sure you might not wear is unwanted. You may as well exchange old gold with new jewel sets and wear them on special occasions. If you are planning to exchange old gold with new, here are some tips to follow.

We have charted out a complete ‘Old Gold Exchange to New Gold Checklist’ highlighting the important aspects of the gold jewelry exchange rate and others in detail. Read along to learn more on old gold exchange to new gold in Francis Alukkas.

Old Gold Exchange to New Gold

With the ‘BIS 916’ hallmark standardizing the gold purity under the Bureau of Indian Standards of gold, Old Gold Exchange to New Gold is made simple and easy. The 916 also referred to as 22kt gold indicates the purity of the gold having 916 pure gold in 100-gram alloy. 22kt gold is the most preferred gold for jewellery making as it doesn’t break easily and is long-lasting. Buying and selling of gold have been standardized under the Indian law which requires each piece of jewel to be marked with a BIS hallmark denoting the purity of gold. Also, get ideas on what is 916 gold? Understanding the purity of gold

Old Gold Exchange

Many factors are involved in the process of old gold exchange to new gold. The value of old gold ornament is determined based on three factors namely the weight of the gold, gold carat, and design. Where gold carat determines the purity of the gold, the most important factor in determining the old gold exchange rate. Pure gold or 24kt gold is often mixed with alloys such as copper to add strength and make the gold fit for use. Pure gold is malleable and breaks easily, hence, a part of gold is mixed with alloys to increase the shelf life. While 18kt gold is often preferred for gold ornaments for daily use, 22kt gold is a majorly used and preferred choice of gold. The weight of the gold is then calculated with respect to gold rates on the day of exchange and purity of gold. Weight and design play a pivotal role in deciding whether the gold is worthy of exchanging or not.

Old Gold Exchange to New Gold: Things to Keep in Mind

While you are planning to exchange old gold with new or are going to buy new gold, make sure to check for hallmarks. Look for gold rates one week before to get the maximum gold jewellery exchange rate. While exchanging gold, it is advisable to choose plain gold jewel over studded ones to avail maximum benefits, as stone weight and charges are excluded in gold exchange. Check for gold jewelry exchange rates from different jewellers and go to a reputed jeweller to exchange old gold with new at good and correct rates.

Old Gold Exchange Rate

The gold jewelry exchange rate depends on the purity of the gold. With your gold having the 916 BIS hallmark you can easily exchange the old gold for new gold rates as on the day of exchange. This wasn’t as simple for old gold especially from times before ‘BIS Hallmark’ was standardized in India. The purity of the gold was always a question. A lot of customers were tricked by goldsmiths by adding more alloy in gold hence affecting the old gold exchange rate. Also, get some ideas on How Gold Ornaments Price is Determined

Old Gold Exchange to New Gold in Francis Alukkas

Gold is always an appreciating asset and an investment for a lifetime. Francis Alukkas offers 100% Value, without any deductions for 916 old gold exchange to new gold. We ensure that you get maximum gold jewellery exchange rate benefits at Francis Alukkas. At Francis Alukkas we maintain transparency in the process. You can also exchange gold jewels bought from our stores to avail maximum benefits. Get maximum gold exchange rates from your nearby Francis Alukkas store, and take home your favourite new and trendy jewel set.

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