A Short List for Mens Ring Designs in Gold

by Francis Alukkas | 21 September 2021 | GOLD JEWELLERY

Rings are equally adored by both men and women and can never fall into the category of over accessorizing. A ring is a common accessory and jewel that is exchanged between a couple. It symbolises commitment and promises. In India a ring exchange ceremony is conducted as the first step of marriage and denotes the couple as taken. Every culture and religion in India has their own preferences and styles when it comes to engagement rings. Men’s ring designs in gold with name is a common type of engagement ring used in Kerala, where both men and women exchange rings with their names imprinted. However, with time and trends people have also been drawn more towards couple rings, and ofcourse diamond rings for men.

Selecting a suitable and best ring for men is a difficult job. Moreover, with more or less the same designs and patterns available choosing the best becomes too confusing. One always feels a lack of designs and collections when it comes to shopping gold jewelry for men. There are various types of rings for men to choose from such as fraternal rings, decorative rings, championship rings, engagement rings,etc. Here are a few latest and common gold ring designs from the men’s collections that are available and popularly selected by men.

Latest Gold Ring Design for Men

We know with times like this all our pre-planned celebrations have been postponed indefinitely until the pandemic is in control and it is safe to go out. But don’t lose your heart and don’t let the pandemic come in between your beautiful celebrations and moments. After all, in the end marriage is a celebration and coming together of two families. If you have missed out on your ring shopping, head to Francis Alukkas online shopping portal and check out the latest ring collections and get it delivered safe and secured with all the billing and exchange details. Make sure that your shopping is done only from trusted and reputed jewelries.

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Men’s Ring Designs in Gold with Name

Engrave your names in your desired styles and fonts at Francis Alukkas. We display to you a variety of ring designs and collections you can choose from and we help you get them customized to your likes. At Francis Alukkas we also take up customized requests that need to be pre-booked at least before a month so that you never compromise with designs, likes and desires. We give you pure 916 gold and take pride in providing the best quality of gold at best prices.

Gold Ring for Men

Francis Allukas displays a plethora of gold ring collections and designs for men. From simple gold rings, to stone studded ring collections, to rings with combination metals like white gold and gold or rose gold and gold, one can choose the best that fits their likes. As far as it comes to gold and men, there are no rules that suggest the number of rings or accessories one must limit to; it is the confidence you wear.

Diamond Rings for Men

Diamonds are the most precious stones available on earth. Adorn your fingers with one and keep shining just like the stone. Diamonds equally compliment gold, rose gold and platinum and simply enhances the look. It gives a royal feeling and is a mark of foreverness. Diamonds in India are considered precious and auspicious. However, one has to be very careful while selecting a diamond stone that is free of impurities. At Francis Allukas, we provide you with certified stones that are checked and free of any black particles or impurities. Check out for the diamond ring collections for men in our online webpage.

Couple Rings

Couple rings are a thing now. Choose your favorite style and go match and match with your partner. With couple rings you always have the freedom to customize your own design and style. You can also make ones with respect to your birth stones that are considered lucky and auspicious in India.

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Rose Gold Plated Rings for Men

Rose Gold are the new crush overs. With the latest collections of rose gold plated rings for men studded with diamonds and simple stones, choose your favourite from Francis Alukkas Gold ring collections for men!

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