Latest Trends in South Indian Bridal Jewellery


Indian weddings are like festivals. Filled with people, pomp, rituals, and celebrations, there is a celebratory vibe all around. At the center of these decorations and vibrant outfits, there is the bride. From her henna to her wedding dress, she outshines everyone around her. What makes her stand out the most is the jewelry she adorns. Indian brides and family members take a painstaking amount of time choosing the perfect outfit with matching diamond and gold jewelry set for the wedding.

South Indian Bridal Jewellery

When it comes to South Indian Weddings, their attention to detail in jewelry is taken up a notch. Every bride in a big fat Indian wedding is decked in gold. She wears necklaces, earrings, bangles, waist belts, etc. Even their hair and feet are adorned with gold. Every bride wants to look unique and will be in search of the latest trending designs. We have compiled some of the latest trends in south Indian bridal jewelry so that you know what is in vogue when it comes to south Indian wedding jewelry

Diamond Jewellery Sets

Diamonds are always in fashion. With all its sparkling glamour and shine, you can never go wrong with diamonds on your wedding day. Diamonds can complement any attire. While it accentuates your radiance on your wedding day, the same piece can also be worn later at parties and gatherings with grace. Also, check: Diamond Jewellery Designs with Price

Temple Bridal Jewellery

South Indians love temple weddings. And therefore, temple jewelry also holds a significant position among south Indian wedding gold jewelry. The nature of temple bridal jewelry makes each design unique with no repetition. The chunky chains and heavy pendants made of Nakshi work are intricately carved and as a result, no two designs even turn out the same. They are embellished with a lot of pearls, diamonds, polkis, and other precious stones.

If you are looking for South Indian bridal jewelry designs that are traditional and yet one-of-its-kind, the temple bridal design is a very good option.

Antique Gold Jewellery

Antique gold jewelry has always been a favorite for south Indian brides. The ethnic look of antique jewelry has given it an irreplaceable position in Indian bridal gold jewelry. With their meenakari works, kundan designs, and gold beaded chains, designer antique Jewellery adds richness and a traditional essence to the bride's look.

Polki Diamond Jewellery

Handcrafted by taking inspiration from the Mughal era, polki dots have been trending for quite some time. Made from unfinished diamonds, they are set in units of 22 karats yellow gold. When each polki unit is woven together, an elaborate design is born which gives you a royal old-world charm

Kundan Jewellery

Looking similar to Polki, Kundan jewelry uses glass instead of diamonds. These irregular stones give a unique classy vibe. Over the years, Kundan designs have been evolving, adapting to new trends. These designs encrusted with semi-precious stones have become a favorite budget-friendly alternative to Polki diamond jewelry.

Guttapusalu Wedding Jewellery

In Telugu, ‘Gutta’ means bunch and ‘Pusalu’ means beads. Just like the name translates, guttapusalu designs are pearls arranged in bunches in traditional patterns and flower motifs. They are set on gold along with different gemstones. These exquisite pieces come in long and short designs and look magical when worn with matching sets.

Layered Pearl Satlada Necklaces

Originated from the Nizams of Hyderabad, these bridal necklaces have recently become a part of south Indian bridal jewelry designs. A satlada haar is a bridal necklace made of 7 strings of pearls. It is further enriched with precious stones, diamonds, and polkis. South Indian brides nowadays choose to wear these as a single piece or pair them with a choker piece to compliment it.

Flower Jewellery

Floral jewelry has become a favorite option for Haldi and Mehndi ceremonies. Colorful and vibrant, these matching sets of neckpieces, earrings, and maang tikkas look fun and cheerful for the days coming up to a grand wedding. They have now become a common choice among south Indian bridal jewelry sets.

These are some of the most-loved jewelry designs that brides look for nowadays. They opt for pieces they can wear again for different functions with traditional and western outfits. What kind of jewelry would you prefer for your wedding?

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