Kerala Wedding must-have Jewellery Designs in Gold With Price

by Francis Alukkas | 21 September 2021 | GOLD JEWELLERY

Indians and their love for the yellow metal is an unending love story. Just like the hetero mixture of culture, tradition and language in India, jeweleries have found their own defined space that is defined by its designs and style specific to cultures, tradition and customs. Indian bridal jewelry grabs everyone’s attention with the visual appeal of its intricate designs and uniqueness. Every community in India has their own set of must-have gold jewellery set for marriage which is considered a blend of spiritual and cultural essences for the most auspicious and beautiful occasion of a woman’s life.

Jewelries are not just beauty defining objects but are assets and traditions that are passed on to generation after generation. They are the blessings of the old and are symbolized auspicious and precious. If you are looking for the latest gold jewellery designs for South Indian Kerala Wedding, here is what you must know. 

Kerala wedding jewellery designs in gold with price

As much as the commonality of a ‘ring’ being something a man purchases for a woman as a way to express his love or to celebrate a milestone, ‘amadapetti’ or a wooden box is every Malayali woman’s little treasure chest, filled with gold ornaments and memories. In a typical extravagant Kerala wedding, the bride is dressed up in silk and gold decked up from head to toe. Here are few of the most loved traditional Kerala jewellery designs in gold with price that you must have on your special day. 

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‘Kaasu’ stands for cash or money and ‘mala’ means necklace or chain. A favourite amongst Hindu women of Kerala, Kaasumala is a long gold necklace made of joining a plethora of gold coins. Engraved with images of Goddess Lakshmi, the symbol of wealth and prosperity, the Kaasumala is a definite treasure for every Malayali woman and is a must have gold jewellery set for marriage.

Palakka Mala

There is a certain grandeur that the Palakka Mala exudes. With their signature green colour, the Palakka Mala is a necklace embellished with emeralds or green stones. This piece of jewel is one of the most important bridal necklace set pieces that is the highlight from the rest of the jewelry pieces.

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Mulla Motu Mala

Mulla Motu Mala or the Jasmine Buds Necklace has a design that resembles that of jasmine buds stringed together to form a necklace. This long gold necklace simply enhances and compliments the complete look of the bride. While there are two kinds of popular Mulla Motu Mala, one is made with pure gold and the other a combination of gold and coloured gemstones, the former receives so much more love than the latter. To check out the latest gold jewellery designs for weddings, head to Francis Alukkas.

Navaratna Jewellery

Navaratna jewellery is one of the most favourite and gorgeous bridal necklace sets that are made of 9 precious gemstones; Ruby, Diamond, Blue Sapphire, Yellow Sapphire, Emerald, Red Coral, Pearl, Cat’s eye and Hessonite. Acknowledged as sacred in almost all countries of the Asian continent, the Navaratna Jewellery is said to bring good luck and well-being to the wearer. They simply add an edge to the bridal look and are the show stealers. Don’t forget to add this stelar piece to your bridal look!

Jimmiki Or Jhumkas

Jimmiki or Jhumkas are a must have piece of jewel for any woman. The extra oomph that comes along with these traditional ear ornaments or temple-bell earrings cannot be matched with any other. Be it in North or South of India, jimmiki or jhumkas have been a constant love that cinemas and songs have never backed out to express. With popular songs in Hindi ‘Jhumka Mohobbat Vala’ and the most recent popular malayalam song ‘Jimmiki Kammal’, Jimmiki or jhumkas grabbed love and attention from all over the world.


Any bridal look is incomplete without an anklet. Amidst the rest of the jewelry sets, anklets are something that can be retained even after the grand wedding celebrations. We at Francis Alukkas have a great collection of anklets for you to choose from. Head straight to your nearest Francis Alukkas showroom or simply visit our official webpage for the latest jewellery designs in gold with price.

Francis Alukkas provides you the best certified 916 Gold with comparative and at lowest making charges. With thousands of designs and collections available Francis Alukkas simply is one of the best choices to shop latest gold jewellery designs for wedding.

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