Jewellery Gift Ideas for Valentine’s Day 2020

by Francis Alukkas | 20 September 2021 | JEWELLERY GIFT IDEAS

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and most of you are on the lookout for a perfect gift to your loved one. It is quite a popular and seasoned idea to buy Jewelry Gifts for Valentine’s Day, especially for women. And if you are planning to pop the big question on this special day, it makes all the more sense to get a Valentine Ring for Her, cleverly an engagement ring without extra apprehensions but with all the romantic ambience of Valentine’s Day.

If you have not planned your gift yet, we have done the brainstorming for you to consider when buying Jewelry Gifts for Valentine’s Day. Jewellery Gifts can seldom go wrong for an occasion as exciting as Valentine’s Day. There is an option for everyone when it comes to jewellery. It is a gift that can symbolize something special to you and your loved one. Jewellery Gifts for Valentine’s Day are also great because they can last and be kept as a valuable memento.

Read on to discover a variety of possibilities you can try when choosing Jewelry Gifts for Valentine’s Day. We have compiled some great ideas for Valentine’s Day Jewelry for Her as well as some smart choices for Him.


Rings are always such romantic little things, aren’t they? When you are in love, there is always a space and a moment for one more ring. If you are planning a Valentine ring for her, consider choosing a simple ring with heart designs. You can also think of going for infinity symbol designs to symbolize sweet forevers. If your girl is someone with an eye for trendy pieces, go for fancy designs with coloured stones.

And then there are couple rings – twin up and celebrate the mutual love with rings that compliment each other – one for your loved one and one for yourself!

When you look for Valentine Rings for Her, you can also try choosing birthstones to let her know how special her existence is for you and how you love her as a whole, the birthstones very much a symbol of her traits and good vibes. A woman would love nothing better than being loved for who she is!

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Necklaces are a favourite among Jewelry Gifts for Valentine’s Day. It is a very personal and intensely memorable gift. A simple thin chain with a beautiful little pendant or locket is an ideal Valentine’s Day Gift for Her if she is one for minimalistic Jewelry. Like Valentine Rings for Her, necklaces, too, have a variety of choices to pick from.

Look out for heart-designs, infinity designs or pearls. Pearl-studded lockets are a great reminder of how endurance in hard times result in beauty. Again, necklaces with birthstones studded on lockets are also a great choice for Jewelry Gifts for Valentine’s Day.


Who doesn’t love a pair of elegant earrings? Dangling teardrops make a classy Valentine’s Jewelry Gift for Her. Some other choices that don’t go wrong are pearl studs, birthstone or gemstone studs or earrings and sculpted danglers. And if your woman is one who has an eye for traditional or antique designs, earrings have a versatile collection than any other piece of jewellery.

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A bracelet is a much-loved piece of jewellery and it is something that could be chosen for men, too. When looking for Valentine’s Day Bracelet for Her, you should probably look for designs welded into chains. Some popular designs include two hearts welded together, the infinity symbol and inscribed plates. Leaf designs are stylish on the wrists, too. Customized bracelets with your names might be a great idea for a Jewelry Gift for Valentine’s Day.

For those who lean to a casual side, plain chain bracelets are good choices. Fine chains with beads are trendy designs among bracelets, too. Solid bracelets or bangles may be a preferred choice for some sophisticated women because of the classy demeanour they emanate. Imagine her wrist to be inspired and take a chance on what you have seen so far. When it comes to jewellery, most women stick to their regular choices. That said, something special will never be too much on Valentine’s Day because it is all about making her feel special.

For Valentine’s Day Bracelets for Him, you should probably choose what is popular among men. Two designs that could go well on the muscular manly wrists of your guy are thick linked chains or braided chains. Thick plain and round chains are also quite common.


Almost everyone uses a wrist watch and it’s a smart option in Jewelry Gift for Valentine’s Day, too. It is easy to choose an attractive and classy wrist watch for both women and men. And you probably know which style your man or woman loves to wear for a wrist watch.

Chain watches have a variety of designs that can pass off as casual, office wear and party wear accessories. Go for dials that suit your partner’s prefered dressing style. Analog watches showcase any beautiful and creative designs. Large dial widths are great as casual accessories. Partywear dresses call for smaller dials with narrow chains or straps in metallic platings like gold, rose gold or silver. Black metal finishings are also chic choices. It is also a good idea to be aware of her wrist type – slender or chubby – to choose the right designs. Smaller or medium-sized dials look best on slender wrists, for example.

If you are going to get Valentine’s Day Watch for Him, buy him a genuine leather-strapped watch if he is a lover in casual-attire. If he looks at home in formals, you can venture out to buy one with metallic straps. But a man who hangs out with you in jeans and tees and chooses pizza over candle-light dinners might have a thing for sports watches.

We hope you have some of your dilemmas sorted out regarding choosing Jewelry Gifts for Valentine's Day 2020.

Jewellery gifts are great mementos to keep and cherish and will always be the first option on Valentine's Day. Couple it with a surprise dinner or funny packaging, or hide it somewhere he or she is going to stumble upon for sure. Buy the jewellery online and order it to their address to be delivered in time for Valentine’s Day. Curate a treasure hunt if both of you love to play games. Throw in some cute teddy bears or roses to add to the flourish.

However, whatever gift you choose to give your loved one on this lovely day, what matters most are your thoughts behind the gift. So make sure your Jewelry Gifts for Valentine’s Day are part of a memorable day and one that will drive home in their mind how much they mean to you.

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