Indian Wedding Ring Traditions: Buyer’s Guide

by Francis Alukkas | 21 September 2021 | INDIAN WEDDING JEWELLERY

A wedding is a celebration and acknowledgement of love of two people and a commitment to the love that they hold dear. Through a ceremony that includes all their family, friends and well wishers, two people are bound for eternity through love. Indian wedding ring traditions are a part of the great Indian wedding that the world has high hopes for.

The wedding rings are a mark of the union of two people in love and signify their promise of spending the rest of their together. This proclamation of love during their union before the law and the Lord serves as a reminder of undying love for one another.

The Hand and the Finger

In India, the left hand is considered as inauspicious and hence the wedding rings are worn on the right hand. However, in certain communities, it can be observed that the groom wears his wedding ring on his 4th finger on the right hand while the bride wears her left. This has, over the years, changed and has become more contemporary. Change is universal but the love for wedding rings stay the same.

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Gold, Platinum or … Diamond?

A change is coming. Until a few years ago, the Indian engagement rings for couples had always been gold alone. But in the past couple of years, due to pop culture and access to the world, Keralites have had a slight change in heart. Weddings rings made of platinum and diamond engagement rings have started to gain popularity. From ring designs that look almost the same to designs that bring their own versions to the table, Indian engagement rings for couples have gotten a lot more variety than say a decade ago.

But the Indian wedding ring traditions have always specified gold rings for both the bride and the groom. We love gold and there are no two ways about it. So, gold is observed as pure, superior, elegant and attractive. Gold rings symbolised a long-lasting marriage and that the groom chose to give the purest to the love of his life.

Etched in Gold

The Indian wedding ring tradition of etching the bride and groom’s name has been the norm for decades. With the bride wearing a wedding ring with the name of the groom and vice versa, it reminds them of the love they hold for each other. Even today, couples choose this as their wedding ring as they love the history it has over the contemporary ones. Also, check: Gold ring designs for men latest

Shopping Indian engagement rings for couples is an important and essential part of a wedding. It lays down the grounding steps before the couple officially commences on their journey together. It is a feeling unlike any other. This token or reminder of love will forever adorn your fingers and shopping for it is nothing less than a sacred experience. Hence, finding the right ring that resonates with you can seem daunting. We assure you that it is worth it

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