A Short Guide on Necklaces for Different Dress Neckline

by Francis Alukkas | 21 September 2021 | DESIGN TRENDS

While we are all still staying indoors and doing our part in defeating the pandemic, why not use this time to learn a thing or two about keeping yourself in the best of fashion? Sure, making ‘bucket chicken’ can be fun, but the next time you’re getting ready for a wedding, a party or a work-meeting (they couldn’t come fast enough; we even miss the work), you wouldn’t have to be confused about what necklace to pair with your V-Necklined Kurti or that Button-up Necklined business suit. Wouldn’t that blow the ‘bucket chicken’ out of the water?

To every woman, necklaces are bae! But ask any woman and she’ll probably have a tale on how she made fashion suicide by matching the wrong kind of necklined attire with a necklace. That’s how important it is to know about necklaces for different dress necklines.

With this short guide or cheat sheet on necklaces for different dress necklines, we’ll end all your fashion fears and help you don that necklace with so much panache that the world will have its eyes glued on to you.

Ready for the cheat sheet on what necklaces to wear with different necklines? Here goes

The Much-Loved V Neck

Women love V neck for a reason; they are probably the most flattering necklines ever. Pairing the right coloured attire with the right necklace can do magic. You can either opt for a necklace that is v-shaped or a simple necklace that comes with a pendant. We recommend going with a short v-shaped one. We specify ‘short’ because, the moment your necklace goes past your neckline, you are committing a crime against fashion. If you are buying a necklace that suits your attire, then check out this Gold Necklace Designs with Price details to know more about the latest and traditional designs of necklace and gold rates.

Off-shoulder Love

Over the past few years, Malayali women have had an increase in admiration for off-shoulder dresses. Who can blame them? Off-shoulder dresses are very feminine and necklaces like chockers and long layered necklaces can make you radiate your beauty, unlike anything. Anything that doesn’t overcrowd your neck is great.

Boat Necks

Finding the right necklace for boat neck dress is an easy job. Why? Remember the layered necklace that you desperately wanted to borrow from Amma but never got the chance to? This neckline can help! Long necklaces and layered necklaces bring equilibrium to the broadness of the boat neckline dress. Be hip or classy, just by switching your necklace. Almost like magic.

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Round and Round

Round necks or ballet necklines are an elegant and uncomplicated neckline that are popular across women of all ages. Pairing this classic neckline with a round-shaped necklace or a choker is perfection. But choosing to go with a v-neck necklace might not be what you would want on your conscience

Scoop about Scoop Neckline

Staying classy is a skill that more people need to learn. The scoop neckline is one of the most elegant necklines ever and to maximise its timelessness, choose a necklace that looks the look a.k.a a statement necklace.

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Crew Neckline

Crew necked attires are gorgeous and they have a separate fanbase. This neckline is a versatile one and you can’t go wrong with almost anything. But choosing a long necklace is a tricky affair. We’d recommend you choose something like a bib or something that is a few inches below or above the neckline. You could always experiment with some symmetrical necklaces and be the star of the day.

We hope we haven’t bombarded you with too-much-information. The key thing here is to understand that getting the right match is not that difficult and the above cheat sheet of sorts will help you for a long time, we’re sure of it.

If you can’t find the right necklace for that beloved v-neck dress, you could always ask one of your girlfriends to loan it to you or better yet, buy one from the thousands of designs that Francis Alukkas has in store for you.

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