A Guide on Gold Jewellery Online Shopping

by Francis Alukkas | 22 September 2021 | GOLD JEWELLERY

Online shopping is the new wave that has stricken every industry, including gold. With the convenience of searching, selecting, and buying your favorite jewel from the hundreds of options available at your favorite store online, just in clicks and at home or anywhere, why take time out to visit the store?

However, there are few things to note upon for gold jewelry online shopping. Follow along this article to learn about the tips and guide on gold jewelry online shopping.

The Trend of Online Gold Purchase

Buying an asset as such gold online has always been not a popular option in India. But with the pandemic and the growing online shopping behavior, gold jewelry online shopping is not uncommon. The fluctuating and increasing gold ornaments price have also added reasons for more people to buy gold jewelry, with pandemic serving reasons for online gold purchase. The outbreak of the novel coronavirus has all left us inside the house, making it impossible for us to be with our dear ones on their special day. But thanks to the number of online jewelry retailers, we can now buy gold gifts online easily and get them delivered to our loved ones on time.

A Beginner’s Guide to Buying Gold Jewelry Online

Choose a trusted and reliable online jewelry or retailer: With the increasing number of online jewelry retailers and the wide range of choices available, gold jewelry online shopping can be too confusing and tiresome. The first step to buy gold jewelry online is always to choose a trusted and reliable gold jeweler or retailer.

Know what you want to buy: You must have an understanding of what you want to filter your choices. You can filter your gold jewelry design options based on your requirement, whether you want a diamond-studded ring, a pure gold pendant, or platinum gold mixed ornament. Another best option of gold jewelry online shopping is you can also place orders for gold coins and or buy silver or other metals.

Know your size and fit: Size and fitting are very important aspects of buying gold jewelry online, especially when it comes to buying bangles. Check out the size chart option available on your online retailer’s site to cross-check your size and fit.

Understand the standard quality and purity of gold: Any gold buyer must have a knowledge of the varieties of purity of gold. Carat is the measure of gold purity, with 24kt being the purest form. 22kt gold is most suitable for commercial or in the making of gold jewelry, containing 91.67 % pure gold. Most of the diamond ornaments are made of 18kt and 14kt gold. The change in the gold carat differs with respect to the amount of copper and other metal elements mixed with the original gold element

Ensure to check for hallmarks and certification: Whether you buy gold jewelry online or offline, you must ensure a hallmark certification that certifies gold quality and purity. In India, the BIS 916 Hallmark Certification guarantees the quality and purity of gold and makes it easy for you to sell gold at the same price as of the day of selling.

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Pricing: While you get the complete details and price breakage of the gold ornament you have chosen, it is very important to understand the pricing’s terminologies to know better where you are putting the most money. For every gold, an amount of making the charge and wastage percentage is charged. The price of your gold ornament varies with respect to the making and wastage charges applied. Similarly, the rate of gold differs with respect to the purity of gold. Get some ideas on how gold ornaments price is determined that you should be aware of.

Ensure the return and refund option: Return and refund policy in gold jewelry online shopping are very important. Often you may change your mind on the design of the jewelry might not meet up to your expectations or is not exactly what you saw online. In such scenarios, your online retailer must provide you an option to return the product within a certain number of days as per their terms and conditions.

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