Guide to Buying Kids Jewelry

by Francis Alukkas | 27 June 2022 | GOLD JEWELLERY

Indians love gifting jewelry to their loved ones, and if it's for kids, it's even more joyful. Whether it's for festivals like Christmas or Diwali, or special occasions like christenings and birthdays, jewelry is the perfect token to celebrate milestones. In this guide, we will be providing a short guide on how to buy kids' jewelry. It will contain information about kids' jewelry set, children's jewelry gold, and many more. We will also give an insight into sizing, safety considerations, and care for the pieces as they have the potential to be passed on for generations. You can go through them before you buy gold jewelry online or offline.

Choosing Children’s Jewelry

You can gift children with customized jewelry or valuable keepsakes depending upon your relationship with them and occasions. Usually, for religious events like Christening, people like to give valuable items that can be kept as an investment for the child’s future. Kids' jewelry gold like a christening bracelet or bangle with relevance in design can make the perfect gift.

Birthdays, on the other hand, are a great excuse to go all out and choose something more unique and personal like charm bracelets, lockets, or birthstone jewelry. They are meaningful and personal at the same time. For boys, you can always gift simple chains or bracelets.

Stud earrings are also a good choice for those who have pierced ears. When choosing earrings, it is better to buy gold as it is the least allergic one. Also, check: Diamond Jewellery Designs with Price

Things to Remember While you Buy Kids' Jewelry

Since you are buying jewelry for kids, safety should come first. But, there are other factors that you should familiarize yourself with

Material: Since children have not been exposed to all metals, you may not know whether they are allergic or not. It is important to stick to pure metals to reduce reactions. Especially if a child has sensitive skin, it is better to choose a hypoallergenic metal to gift him/her.

Size and Comfort: Children are bubbles of energy. They love to move around. It is best to know the ideal size for the jewelry before you purchase anything. This will make sure they are neither too tight and uncomfortable nor loose and at risk of getting lost. While buying chains, make a note to ask the jeweler for the perfect size to avoid being too small or big.

Design: Jewelry for kids is specifically designed by keeping safety in mind. It includes the choice of metals for the clasp mechanism. The designs will also be simple so that they won't get caught while playing. Also, Read: Online Pearl Jewellery Shopping: A Guide

Some tips to keep your children safe while wearing jewelry

If the child is going to be wearing the jewelry all the time, here are some tips to make sure they are safe.
1. Avoid jewelry with small parts or beads babies and toddlers can swallow
2. Do not let them wear that can get caught while playing
3. Clean the jewelry, especially earrings to avoid infection
4. Never allow children to put any jewelry in their mouth
5. Replace jewelry before they become too tight and cause discomfort.

Caring for Children’s Jewelry

Just like you care for your jewelry, you should also take care of children's jewelry to keep them in the best possible condition. This includes storage and cleaning - especially cleaning because children’s jewelry tends to get dirty pretty quickly.

Storage: it is best to store jewelry in the boxes it came in. If there are no individual boxes, then store them in boxes or compartments to avoid tangling and scratching. Make sure to store them away somewhere it is dry and out of direct sunlight.

Cleaning: To clean your kid's jewelry gold or silver, mix a small amount of soap in warm water, soak the jewelry in the water, and leave for 10-15 mins to loosen any dirt or grime. Gently clean the pieces with a soft toothbrush, do not use abrasive materials to clean as it could cause scratching. Rinse and dry. If you have any cleaning concerns, get in touch with your trusted jeweler for advice.

Now that you know what to look for while buying kids' jewelry, you can head on to our online jewelry shopping website to get a hold of some of the most unique designs that will look amazing on the tiny ones that you love.

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