Gold vs Antique Gold: Comparison

by Francis Alukkas | 20 April 2022 | GOLD JEWELLERY,ANTIQUE JEWELLERY

Gold is mainly categorized by its color and karat. The purity of gold is determined by its percentage in the alloy. Pure gold is 24 karats. But it is too malleable to make ornaments. This is why goldsmiths use alloys to make ornaments. The highest purity of gold in the alloy is 22K. Gold differs in color due to the metal present in the alloy. Normal gold is yellow gold alloyed with silver and copper. When the ratio of gold is higher, it gives a prominent yellow color. You get rose gold by changing the ratio of metals in the alloy. When metals like platinum or nickel are present in the alloy, you get white gold. Similarly, the addition of silver alone or along with a combination of copper and zinc gives the gold a green tint and hence you get green gold.

What is Antique Gold Jewelry?

Gold is one of the most sought-after elements in the world. Antique gold is also real gold. Any piece of gold jewelry that is over 100 years old comes under authentic antique jewelry. Antique gold can also be found in different colors like Yellow Gold, White Gold, and Rose Gold. But they are very different from modern yellow gold and modern rose gold.

Modern Gold vs. Antique gold

Back in the day, gold was made by individual jewelers with alloys of different ratios. These alloys always gave different hues every time the composition changed. You can easily see the difference if you visit a jeweler and compare their antique and modern gold. Antique gold usually tends to be warmer than modern gold with more copper tone than gold. Antique gold is of different types. Some examples are the gold-filled antiques, gold-plated antiques, rolled gold antiques, gold cased antiques, etc.

Today, gold-making is a more standardized procedure and almost every jeweler follows the same ratios while mixing metals in alloys. Antique gold is not always marked because it was not legally required until 1973. So, it was basically up to the jeweler if he wanted to mark his gold. Older antiques were rarely ever marked. Also, during the 18th to early 20th century, hallmarking was too costly for those who worked on a commission.

Is antique gold worth more than modern gold? If so, why is antique gold more expensive than modern gold? Read ahead to know more.

All gold is the same and costs do not change whether it is modern or designer antique jewellery. However, there are some other factors that give antique gold more value than modern gold.


Antiques are rare. No matter how much you try to remake them, they cannot get the same value.


Modern jewelry is mostly produced by machines. With an exception of some high-end customized jewelry, they are all mass-produced. There can be many replicas of the same piece. Antique jewelry, on the other hand, is a beautiful result of hundreds if not thousands of hours of individual craftsmanship in the hands of a skilled jeweler.

There are so many techniques in antique jewelry that are not used in modern mainstream jewelry making because it is too labor-intensive and as a result, costly. You can also see significant differences in the way gems were cut for antique jewelry and how it is cut now for modern jewelry.


Antique things are always sought after because they are unique. It is the same in the case of antique jewelry too. Every piece of antique jewelry is unique because of its craftsmanship. You cannot replicate them like modern machine-made jewelry. So, there can only be one piece of a kind. Antique jewelry has a different appeal that we cannot see in modern jewelry.

You should always keep your antique jewelry in a secure place where it cannot be easily tarnished. Keep them away from other pieces of jewelry, especially those with sharp edges. They require extra care if you want to retain their original appeal. Even while cleaning, you should always use mild agents and be mindful to not scratch the surface. Antique jewelry requires a lot of care as the smallest drop or bump can cause serious damage. If their stones come loose, it is always best to get professional help to repair them.

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