Gold Price 2021: Good Time to Buy?

by Francis Alukkas | 23 September 2021 | GOLD PRICE

As gold rates are decreasing, common questions googled are; If gold price will increase or decrease in future? Will gold rate decrease in coming days? Why is gold going down today? Gold Price 2021 have been witnessing the most fascinating graphs. While in the beginning of the last year 2020, gold prices hiked to more than 50,370 Rs per 10 gram of 24 carat gold, Gold Price 2021 have come down to 46,155 Rs per10 gram of 24 carat gold today, 10 March, 2021. The prices have been fluctuating everyday and is predicted that prices will be decreasing in future.

Buying Gold Jewelry as Investment

The yellow metal has always been the most preferred type of investment in India. Investing in gold is always considered a good option as it has good appreciation and is always the most safe option of investing without having any worries of loss. Plus, rather than your money being locked up in the bank, why not buy something that is going to pay you more than a fixed deposit? Not just that, you can also avail gold loans in less than 8% from banks and be assured. Just like the proverb goes by, buying gold jewelry as investment is like one stone, two mangoes!

Gold Rate 2021: Is This the Best Time to Invest in Gold?

The craze for yellow metal in India has always remained consistent. The joy of buying new gold is triple the more than winning a lottery prize. And when we buy gold, when it is at its lowest price, it’s like a bonanza. Whatever we might be buying, we always want the best rates. Don’t we? When it comes to buying gold jewelry as investment we always look for the best time to buy. Every investor before buying gold jewelry as investment asks himself whether he will be able to get a better price later or is this the right time? And we can’t blame them. It’s human nature, where we always want the best.

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Gold Price 2021

While the gold rates are decreasing, they still are a good investment that one can be assured. Although the gold ornaments price might marginally decrease, they will increase in future. According to the reports during the COVID 19 era, Gold Price 2021 was expected to surge to Rs 63,000 per 10 grams. While Gold Price 2021 may go to as low as Rs 45,000 per 10 gram of 24kt in the short-term, every dip is a great opportunity for buying gold jewelry as investment.

Why is Gold Going Down Today

Gold prices surged in the COVID 19 pandemic era.As the spread of the virus is decreasing with the increase in vaccination production and opening up of the economy, gold rates have been decreasing as a result of the same.

Gold Price Will Increase or Decrease in Future?

As the coronavirus cases decline in India and the economy is slowly opening up, gold rates are expected to rise. All the weddings that were missed in 2020, see a chance in 2021, which will further create demand for gold and hence an increase in the price of the precious yellow metal. Taking hints from the same, if you are getting married this season or are planning to buy gold, then this is the best time to invest in gold.

Gold Investment Scheme – Smart Way to Buy Gold Well in Advance

Gold schemes are the best way to start investing in gold. Often we might not hold the wholesome money to buy your favourite jewel piece. This is where gold schemes benefit. They allow you to systematically invest in gold by investing on a monthly basis. Plus, gold schemes also exempt the making charges. In this way you may also profit in buying extra gold grams, without having much to worry about the additional making charges. There are many other benefits of gold schemes.

Easy Gold Easy Gold Investment Scheme by Francis Alukkas

Easy Gold Easy, is a 12-month gold investment scheme, starting from just 1000 INR per month by Francis Alukkas enabling you to plan and buy gold ornaments at the best rates. It is the safest and smart way to buy gold in monthly purchase advance arrangements.

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