Top Gift Ideas on Gold Jewellery for Men

by Francis Alukkas | 21 September 2021 | GOLD JEWELLERY

Gone are the days where men least showed interest towards gold ornaments and accessories. As more and more men are showing keen interest in gold and flaunting all their heavy chains, bold rings, shiny studs and chunky bracelets, men’s jewelry is having a moment. Bollywood and movies contribute a huge part to this upcoming trend. Men are now giving a tough competition to their competitors and are always in search of the newest trends and designs in gold. However, with jewelry stores adding more emphasis on women’s jewelry collections, it becomes difficult and confusing to choose the best men’s jewellery in India.

With the pandemic laying more restrictions on choosing the best gift for your loved one, online shopping and no-touch shippings are stretching their helping hands to help you give the best gift. If you are looking out for some inspiration and gift ideas on gold jewelry for men, then you have landed in the right place. Follow along this blog to get the best ideas of the latest trends, designs and options available for mens jewellery in India.

Gift Ideas on Gold Jewellery for Men


The most authentic and favourite jewel piece of all. For years rings have been exchanged as a piece of promise and commitment between two people. It occupies a place as the most special ornament or piece of jewel that is adorned by both men and women and often is a symbol of marital status. If you want to gift your partner or your loved one something special on his birthday or on a special occasion, rings are the best choice out of all. Head to Francis Alukkas Men’s ring collections to check out the latest gold ring designs for men

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Bollywood actor Salman Khan has set the trend and craze for bracelets in India. Chunky and heavy bracelets in chain, blocks and various designs have ever since been in most demand. Bracelets can even be personalized with an engraving or specific gemstones of your choosing for a more individualized men’s jewelry gift. To know the latest trends in gold bracelets in India, check our website for classic and trendy collections for some online men’s jewellery shopping India.

Brooch pin

Men usually prefer simple yet bespoke ornaments and are very conscious with choices. With a brooch pin, one need not worry about that. A brooch pin can be as simple and can also be all that extra without the fear of overdoing it. You can experiment your looks to all the extent with these miniature men’s gold jewelry India. Brooch pins give that sophisticated look, that changes the look of any style completely. With a brooch pin, any look is simply enhanced attracting all the eyes and compliments.


Gold watches are one of the best choices of gold jewellery for men that have been trending for a long period now. The craze for gold watches will and would never end. It has always been the symbol of expression of one’s personal style in bold and golden works. At Francis Alukkas we have a great collection of men’s gold watch jewellery making it one of the most chosen online men’s jewellery shopping trusted sites in India.


Anyday a simple chain is get-to go gold jewellery for men. A mere simple chain completely changes the look of a person. There is a special and different aura and richness it brings along with it. In India, men usually accessorize with a gold chain, sometimes along with a pendant on special occasions. It is one of the most comfortable and simplest pieces of jewellery, that is preferred by men, making it one of the best men’s jewellery India. A common tip while buying a chain for men, is to check the size and the length of the chain depending on your comfort levels.

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Studs have become a rage and a fashion trend recently amongst men. Ranging from simple single stone designs to other religious, funky and unique signs, studs have traveled a long way in creating an image of a person’s personality. In many parts of countries studs denote a particular symbolism that differs in each country.

Cuff or Kada

Indian men love cuffs commonly called kada in India. Cuff or Kada is a simple plane bangle type jewel that is worn by men as an Amulet of Protection and is often symbolised with strength and belief. A Kada is similar to the evil eye bracelets worn in the Mediterranean. The jewel is a traditional ornament worn by Sikhs and Kundalini Yogis for protection. Recently kadas are gaining a lot of popularity all over the country. If you want to own a piece of gold for yourself or want to gift something different for your loved one, kadas are the most preferred option. Check out Francis Alukass portal to shop and gift a kada online!

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