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by Francis Alukkas | 21 September 2021 | GOLD INVESTMENT SCHEME

With gold prices rising in a skyrocketing speed, it’s high time you make smart plans for investing in gold. Be a smart investor and join Francis Alukkas Gold Investment Scheme today.

Gold is an ever valued precious element that is held dear, loved, and adored by the Indian society. Exchanged and gifted, especially on auspicious occasions such as weddings and others, gold is also an excellent investment for securing the future. With the pace at which the world is moving today, investing alone is not the key to a secured future, but smart investment catered along with sound knowledge of the changing trend, will lead one through the secured path. While there are several reasons why one must invest in gold, we tell you why it is smart to start investing in the Francis Alukkas gold-saving scheme and show you why it is one of the best gold investment schemes in India.

Gold investment schemes are the best way to buy gold in a very simple, planned, and smart way. Often it becomes too difficult to save up money or purchase gold on the spot. Now that the prices are soaring as each day passes, buying gold with calculations done yesterday seems ineffective. You might have planned to buy a certain weight or amount of gold within specific money, all of which appear to have toppled down with today’s rates. To save you from this and to help you buy the jewelry you have always wanted, Francis Alukkas has introduced their Easy Gold Easy gold saving scheme.
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Easy Gold Easy, is a 12-month scheme designed to help you plan and buy gold ornaments at the best rates. Starting from just 1000 INR per month, this safe and secure gold saving scheme allows you to select monthly purchase advance arrangements through which you can purchase our latest gold ornament design collections after completion of the scheme. Not just that, the scheme members are also eligible for exciting special discounts on purchases of jewelry against purchase advance arrangement. The amount of discount differs depending on your choice of investment and amount. With simple and easy saving options along with best offers and discounts, Easy Gold Easy by Francis Alukkas is the best gold purchase scheme in India.

With its decades of expertise in the business, Francis Alukkas believes in Integrity. We understand how much you work towards saving every penny and value your hard-earned money. This is why the Easy Gold Easy gold investment scheme was exclusively designed to provide you with the best offers in the town. Many competitors provide you with similar offers and schemes. What makes us different from the rest is that our gold investment scheme is not limited to your gold ornament purchase but can also be applicable to the latest diamond jewelry collections. With no limitations in jewels and designs, you can quickly and conveniently buy the choice of your ornament in a pre-planned way.

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Buy gold in a pre-fixed amount if agreed to be purchased and an equal amount paid as a monthly installment in Purchase advance arrangement in a pre-fixed term. Avoid the last minute of panic and start investing in gold wisely with the help of the Easy Gold Easy gold investment scheme by Francis Alukkas and be eligible for special discounts on jewelry purchases. The freedom to choose ornaments from gold and diamond collections and the choice of buying your jewel from the latest collections is what makes Francis Alukkas a gold-saving scheme popular and the best gold investment scheme in India.

Monthly installment amounts can be paid either directly at the stores or even online. A compatible passbook helps you keep track of your payments, and you can easily purchase your choice of the jewel on the completion of the scheme, i.e., on the 12th month. Now buying gold is made easy with Easy Gold Easy. Join to know the benefits of Francis Alukkas gold saving scheme.

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