Fancy Diamond Jewellery: An Ultimate Guide

by Francis Alukkas | 22 September 2021 | DIAMOND JEWELLERY

A piece of jewelry is not just a style statement, but rather is a way of self-love. Today’s bridal rings are not just about the traditions, but more about one’s personality and fashion choices. While diamonds remain the center of attraction for engagement rings even today, today’s brides-to-be are looking for more trendy and minimalist designs that go along with their styling preferences. Fancy diamond jewelry with unique shapes and settings are more in demand. Although classic diamond jewels and engagement rings remain the most preferred and popular choices globally, young age fashionistas are looking for fancy diamond colors over the traditional diamond collections. 

Are you looking for diamond jewellery designs that are unique, non-traditional, and modern to add to your collections? Here’s a detailed guide on fancy diamond jewelry. This blog is also suitable for you if you are looking for fancy diamond engagement rings. Follow this article to know more about fancy diamond jewelry designs, fancy diamond colors, fancy diamond shapes, and more. 

Fancy Diamond Jewelry

With the changing trends and choices of people, the jewelry industry is always under pressure to produce something unique, something different from the lot. Having said this, it doesn’t mean that traditional and classic designs are not in the limelight. The classic design collections never cease to charm the wearer with their beauty. Modernity in inclination with tradition is in the mind of the shoppers who are looking for uniqueness. Jewelry is a way people speak and reflect their personality and nature. 

Fancy Diamond Jewelry Designs

Trends from the past see a comeback as more and more people are looking for fancy diamond jewelry designs that reflect modernism and are also deep-rooted in the tradition. Major trends being seen today are not necessarily new but an upgraded version of the traditional design style. Brides and shoppers are opting for fancy diamond shapes and fancy diamond colors over the conventional white and round shapes of the diamond. 

Fancy Diamond Shapes

Traditional diamond rings come in round shape, and the reason for the same is to ensure the safety of the stone studded. A diamond buyer needs to have an understanding of the working of the stone. The intensity and the shine of the diamond are in its shape and cut. It is the shape of the diamond that allows light to undergo total internal reflection, hence the sparkling effect. Also, check: Diamond colour and clarity explained

Jewelry with Fancy diamond shapes such as Oval, pear, emerald, marquise, cushion, radiant, and princess cuts appear more extensive and are less expensive when compared to round shaped diamond rings. This is because round shaped diamond rings shine brighter when compared to the other shapes. Although the diameter and the size of round shaped diamonds are small, the intensity of their sparks and shine make them appear big and large. The princess cut diamond shape is considered the most popular choice of fancy diamond shape, as they look great in any setting. 

Fancy Diamond Colors

Colored diamonds occur naturally and obtain their color due to the impurities present in them. The more impurities, the more intense, is the color of the diamond. Fancy diamond colors are measured and given a grade for the intensity of the color, ranging from Fancy vivid to  Fancy fancy intense, and Fancy light. They are categorized in the alphabetical range from D – Z, with D being the highest color grade consisting of no hue and displaying the most splendid shine. 

Fancy diamond colors are more in trend because of the unique look and brilliance they offer. Due to their rarity in occurrence, fancy diamond color stones are expensive. They are available in a range of prices depending on the intensity of the color. The more deep the colors are, the higher are the prices. 

The quality of the stone is determined by its clarity and color. Artisans do these with the help of diamond color charts and based on the inclusions and blemishes in the stone. Cut and Cart are the two other factors that determine the price of the diamond stone. 

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