Different Types of Gold: Everything You Should Know

by Francis Alukkas | 09 March 2022 | GOLD JEWELLERY

Gold's reddish-yellow color has a slightly reddish tinge in its purest form. However, it can produce colored gold in other shades with this process. Jewelry is not always made of 24-karat gold. Gold is strong and durable because it is alloyed (mixed) with other metals.

Silver, copper, zinc, palladium, and nickel can alloy with gold to produce several gold colors. Different types of gold exist, such as yellow, white, rose gold, and green and grey gold.

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Types of Gold Color: Identify the Differences

What is Yellow Gold?

Adding silver, copper, or zinc to pure gold results in the yellow shade of gold being the most common in different types of gold. Gold and copper alloys typically make up a 24K yellow gold composition. Since it is the purest of all gold colors, it causes the least allergic reaction on the skin and requires the least amount of maintenance. Gold jewelry and coins have been made from it for ages.

What is White Gold?

In terms of different types of gold, white gold is the next one. Alloying nickel, silver, or palladium with gold typically creates a white color. Pure platinum, as well as gold and silver, can also be used to create white gold. Gold and nickel are typically 90% white gold, with copper, nickel, and sometimes platinum. Karats are also used to measure the purity of white gold. In comparison with yellow gold, white gold is stronger and more scratch-resistant. White gold is sometimes chosen over platinum when making diamond or gemstone jewelry due to its color and durability.

What is Rose Gold?

What is Rose Gold

Gold alloyed with copper, silver, and gold is rose gold. Gold is 80% pure, copper is approximately 22.5%, and silver is 2.75% in 18K rose gold. Because of their very similar copper content, red, rose, and pink gold are often interchangeable. Since rose gold contains more copper than yellow or white gold, it is more durable. As different types of gold are used, rose gold jewelry is more popular; it is durable and has a pinkish glow, so it is usually used for engagement rings, bracelets, and other jewelry pieces. Also, Check: A Guide on Gold Jewellery Online Shopping

What is Green Gold?

An alloy of gold, silver, and sometimes copper, green gold is one of the types of gold. Gold, silver, copper, and cadmium are mixed 50/50 in this metal alloy to give it a dark green color. Gold alloys with silver have a greenish-yellow color instead of green. It can also produce green color by mixing cadmium and gold alloys, although cadmium is very toxic, which may pose a risk for human health.

What is Grey Gold?

Palladium and gold are usually combined to make grey gold, and the gold used is usually 18 karat. Gray white gold has a specific color, but it consists of 75% gold, 17% iron, and 8% copper. Silver, manganese, and copper can also be added in definite ratios to gold to produce it without palladium.

Which Gold Type is Best for Jewelry?

According to different designs and purity, yellow gold is the most common and preferred option. There are also gold coins in 22K and 24K gold purity if you prefer the highest purity gold. Many people prefer white gold instead of yellow gold because they don't like its yellow hue. Over the last few years, white gold has increasingly become popular, especially for engagement rings and wedding bands. Rose gold, however, is also becoming more popular among women all over the world for being trendy. It would help if you never ignored the hallmark and the detailed price of your gold jewelry piece regardless of the gold color you choose. No matter where you are in the country, the gold rate value is the same regardless of color.

Regardless, our jewelry is timeless, so it's all about the individual and what they want to tell the world about themselves. What are your favorite different types of gold colors?

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