Diamond Color: Must-Knows

by Francis Alukkas | 20 September 2022 | DIAMOND JEWELLERY

The right diamond can be chosen by understanding what the various diamond colors represent. Surprisingly, most gem-quality diamond color evaluations are predicated on the absence of color. Colored diamonds are not the same as diamond color, and even "white" diamonds are graded on a scale.

Knowing how the color scale works will help you select a diamond that properly suits your preferences and priorities. Color is one of the "four C's" (along with cut, clarity, and carat). Continue reading this full article to know more about the diamond color name and their meanings.

Diamond Color Grade

White or colorless diamonds are graded from D through Z, with D denoting colorlessness and Z denoting a yellow tint. According to a color scale, diamonds are rated from D through F as colorless, G through L as "near colorless," and M through Z as having little traces of color.

And when it comes to the diamond color scale every diamond is accompanied by a GIA certificate that details its color grade as well as other crucial details like carat weight and dimensions. The diamond color scale is a standardized grading system for determining the lack of color in a diamond. Diamonds are rated on a scale from D to Z developed by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), with D denoting colorless diamonds.

A D, E, or F-grade diamond is completely colorless. The diamond's quality and price, however, can be determined by the minute variations.

1. E-color diamonds can be bought and sold for a large discount compared to their "D" counterparts.

2. Unless viewed alongside a D or E color diamond, all F color grade diamonds will seem colorless.

3. Diamonds of the color D set the standard for excellence. They are extremely uncommon and valuable. The price of a D-colored diamond increases with size.

4. G-color diamond stones are attractive and white, and often exceed the specifications of most diamonds used in the traditional fine jewelry trade.

5. Diamonds of the H-I color range are in high demand in fine jewelry. H-I diamonds behave like colorless stones when the diamond cut grade is high.

6. J-K colors represent the high end of commercial jewelry. They are inexpensive and create a 'large look' in the faint yellow and top light brown categories.

Diamond Color Differences

Sometimes foreign particles are trapped during the crystallization process when diamonds are generated deep within the Earth's crust under conditions of intense heat and pressure that force carbon atoms to crystallize. This results in a diamond having a very slight or visible color.

Diamonds with traces of nitrogen absorb blue light while reflecting yellow to orange colors, giving them their characteristic yellow color. When a diamond absorbs a particular band of green light due to a misaligned crystal lattice, pink diamonds are the outcome. Diamonds with a blue hue absorb boron, which forms a link with carbon and absorbs green, red, and yellow light. Also, check: Types of Diamond Cut

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Color is present in diamonds with grades ranging from M to Z. Although most customers prefer to purchase diamonds that are white to the eye, the bulk of mined and lab-grown diamonds are often white and pale yellow. Base colors are additional hues that can be found in diamonds. Red, yellow, orange, green, blue, pink, purple, brown, violet, and grey are all colors in this spectrum. Red diamonds are the rarest diamond color, but the best color is D color, the highest color grade.

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