Diamond Buying Guide: Buyer's Advice

by Francis Alukkas | 23 May 2022 | DIAMOND JEWELLERY

If you want a beautiful diamond, you need to narrow down your shape and choose high-quality options for the 4Cs, while staying within your budget. Following that, you will compare diamonds to see which has the most fire and brilliance. Our detailed guide below will show you how to find the perfect diamond while staying within your budget.

The basic knowledge you gain here will help you not only understand the value and price of diamonds, but also unlock the mystery of their quality. There are many online diamond vendors that sell loose diamonds (either alone or with an engagement ring as a "build your own" set). This diamond buying guide is for anybody looking to buy a loose diamond online or for someone who wants to know the best about diamonds.

Diamond Buying Guide: Important things to Check

Understand Diamond Color and Clarity

When referring to diamond color, most people actually mean the absence of color. When a diamond has less color, it is more valuable and desirable. There are some differences between these stones and diamond color grade types that cannot be seen with the naked eye, but they directly affect the overall quality and price of the stone and that’s why we are emphasizing the point in this diamond buying guide.

In terms of diamond color, you want to select a stone that appears white. A colorless diamond does not have to be a D or E diamond. The diamonds in the G to I range are generally more affordable than diamonds in other ranges.

Keeping in mind that different shapes reflect color differently, your choice of optimal color will greatly depend on the shape of the diamond you select, balancing the diamond's appearance with its price.

There are four grades of diamond clarity: Flawless (with no inclusions), Included (with a significant number of inclusions) and Included (with a lot of inclusions). Also, check: Significance and Characteristics of Diamond

Determine the Types of Diamond Cuts you Want

Diamond Cut does not refer to the shape of an individual diamond, but to the arrangement and proportion of its facets, as well as craftsmanship. A diamond's cut determines how much brilliance, sparkle, and fire it has. 'Excellent' through 'Poor' are the grades.

Cut quality is the most important factor in determining the beauty of a diamond. It is not standardized across all vendors what cut grade diamonds should have, but in general, we recommend Excellent and Ideal cuts only. You should only search for diamonds with an "Ideal/Excellent" grade if you seek a round brilliant diamond. It might be worth including "Premium" or disregarding cut grade entirely if you are looking for a fancy shape.

Cut grades are not unimportant - on the contrary, they're crucial in deciding the type of diamond stones. In essence, many vendors do not accurately report fancy shape cut grades, so there's no reason to eliminate many good options from your search results. Also, Check: Diamond Jewellery Designs with Price

Decide the Carats

Carat is a measurement of a diamond's weight. Carat weight is generally correlated with the price of the stone. The other three Cs determine the quality and price of a diamond, so two diamonds of equal weight can have very different qualities.

Select Your Diamond Shape

An engagement ring's design is based on the shape of your diamond. You can choose any shape that suits your taste (or your partner's). Brilliant-cut diamonds are the most popular shape for engagement rings because they are the most brilliant. While others prefer a unique shape such as an oval or a cushion cut. Ask your partner's family and friends if you're not sure what she prefers. For a more precise search and comparison of diamonds, choose a shape. Also, Check: Diamond and Gold Jewellery Set for Wedding

Verify the Certificates

In your search for a loose diamond, you should only consider GIA and AGS certified diamonds. We advise staying away from diamonds certified by IGI, EGL, and HRD, as their grading is inconsistent, which makes their results unreliable.

The vast majority of readers who go through our process for choosing a diamond are extremely pleased with their purchase. You can reach out to us for diamond advice throughout your buying process if you have any questions. Hope our diamond buying guide makes your next diamond purchase easier!

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