Cut Diamond vs Uncut Diamond

by Francis Alukkas | 22 September 2021 | DIAMOND JEWELLERY

Diamonds are an expression of love that seeks a forever promise of togetherness. The craze for diamonds is such. We all love diamonds, but seldom do we know enough about diamonds. Through this blog, we will help you in identifying the differences between uncut diamond vs. cut diamond. We will help you understand the reason behind the shine of your diamond and more about the different properties of diamond, their attributes, and the essential understanding of uncut diamond vs. cut diamond.

The debate on uncut diamond vs. cut diamond has always been fascinating. Follow this article to see who wins the race of commercial success.

Uncut Diamond vs. Cut Diamond

The difference between uncut diamond vs. cut diamond is majorly on the type of cut that gives the diamonds the desired shine.

Uncut Diamond: Uncut diamonds are naturally found, also known as Polki diamonds. They are not treated and polished by the Jeweller, meaning uncut diamonds do not have a specific shape, faces, or geometrical angle. The trend for uncut diamonds is increasing recently, one because of the cost, and second is because of the prevalent use of uncut diamonds in North Indian bridal trousseau.

Cut Diamond: Cut diamonds are the diamonds that you usually see and buy in retail stores. They are those shiny and sparkling stones that are mostly used for commercial purposes and are a more popular metaphor for forever promise. Cut diamonds have a specific cut in diamonds that give them the shine and make them the hardest material. Every cut and facet enhances the ability of the diamond to emit light and undergo total reflection. The cut determines its proportions and which in turn defines the way the stone will reflect light.

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Uncut Diamond vs. Cut Diamond Price

As clear as the differences between the two diamonds, the pricing of the two differs to a great extent. This is because of the process of making the cut diamonds. Uncut diamonds are cheaper per carat when compared to cut diamonds as they do not undergo complex and expensive processes.

Cut diamonds are costly because they undergo several steps of polishing and other methods to make them retail and commercial friendly. It is the shape and the cut of the diamond that makes them shine bright. The price difference between the two has opened up possibilities of uncut diamonds to be more feasible and approachable. Adding to this factor, recent fashion trends have shifted to using more uncut diamonds in jewelry

Now before we talk more about uncut jewelry and the fashion trend, let us first try to understand more about the same and learn tips on how to identify raw uncut diamonds.

How to Identify Raw Uncut Diamonds

Raw uncut diamonds or rough diamonds don’t have any spark or shine. Most of the time, people mix up in identifying a rough diamond. A lot of stones look similar to diamonds but fail in specific tests that are used to identify whether they are diamonds or not? You can identify whether the rock you found to be a diamond or not simply by looking at the crystal form or by testing the hardness of the stone or checking the way the stone breaks, testing its thermal absorption properties, or testing the specific gravity of the stone.

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Uncut Jewelry: The New Fashion Trend

Uncut jewelry has been setting the trend and gaining a lot of popularity in recent years. They have been adding up majorly to the Indian bridal jewelry collections. The reason is that uncut diamond jewelry are often dressier than other kinds of jewels and often go very well with ethnic outfits such as ghagra, lehengas, or designer saris. Although they don’t shine as much as the cut diamonds, they definitely add statement and amplify a simple look. If you are planning of buying yourself a piece of uncut diamond jewelry for your wedding, we recommend you first understand all the properties and the pricing of the same. Make sure you buy your uncut jewelry from a renowned jeweler that provides you diamond quality certification.

Based on the study, who do you think is still ruling the commercial business, and who, according to you, wins the race between uncut diamond vs. cut diamond?

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