Are Black Diamonds Real? Find-In-depth

by Francis Alukkas | 28 January 2023 | DIAMOND JEWELLERY

Until recently, black diamonds were mainly used for industrial purposes. But nowadays, black diamonds have become one of the most popular diamonds among colored diamonds. Even then there is a lot of misinformation and misconceptions surrounding black diamonds to this day.

So what are black diamonds? Even though it is a simple question, you might get varying answers, especially when you ask experts while trying to buy diamond jewelry. This is because there are different types of black diamonds. Now if you ask “Are black diamonds expensive?

”The answer is that the real black diamond price in India is considerably more than that of other diamonds. Let us look a bit deeper into how rare black diamonds actually are:

There are mainly three types of black diamonds: natural, man-made, and treated. If you plan on buying black diamonds, you need to know that there is a huge difference in prices between these three types of black diamonds.

Natural black diamonds, also referred to as Carbonados or fancy black diamonds, are one of the toughest and rarest forms of natural diamond containing the same compound as colorless diamonds. Real black diamonds are made up of high amounts of carbon and graphite, giving them a deep and rich black color. The difference between the two is that black diamonds have a number of inclusions (clusters of graphite inside of them) that give the appearance of black coloring. And despite common misconceptions, these inclusions do not degrade the integrity or value of the diamond. In fact, they just make it more rare and valuable and found only in Central Africa and Brazil.

Other than these, you will also find many treated black diamonds when you search for black diamonds. Regular white diamonds that are usually of extremely low value due to the high amount of inclusions in them are treated to turn them into black diamonds. This is done by heat or radiation treatments (using gamma rays in a nuclear reactor). Once treated, the undesirable inclusions can't be seen once the surface of the diamond turns black and opaque. Also called “colorless treated black diamonds" or simply "black colored diamonds", these are the cheapest type of black diamonds.

Salt and pepper diamonds are another variation of black diamonds typically not always included under the category. These diamonds also have lots of inclusions but not enough to make them black-colored. They are translucent instead of opaque. Each salt and pepper diamond has a unique black and white speckled appearance.

Pros and Cons of Black Diamonds

If you are looking to buy diamond jewelry and prefer black diamonds for it, it is important that you understand the pros and cons of choosing a black diamond. Fortunately, there are very few drawbacks to choosing this beautiful diamond.

Pros: Like all other diamonds, both types of black diamonds are very hard and don't scratch easily. Compared to other black stones like Onyx and Black Sapphires, black diamonds also don't lose their luster over time. They even have the natural shine of colorless diamonds.

Black diamonds are also a very affordable option for jewelry, specially treated ones. They cost much less than natural black diamonds.

Cons: Despite their hardness, black diamonds are quite brittle, making them prone to fracturing. This is essential because of the property that gives it the black color - the inclusions. These heavy inclusions are essentially tiny fractures within the diamond and weaken its structure. There is a very high chance that a heavily included diamond will break if it is hit or bumped in the wrong spot.

The unique structure of black diamonds also makes them susceptible to damage. They are a microcrystalline aggregate, which distinguishes them from ordinary diamonds. A black diamond is made up of small crystals that are bound together in a random configuration. This, like inclusions, creates structural instability in black diamonds. Also, Read: American Diamonds: Must-Knows

Caring for Black Diamonds

This gem needs to be cared for in the exact same way you would for any diamond.

1. If not stored properly, they may cause damage to other gemstone jewelry pieces. So you need to store all your diamond jewelry in individual soft cloth pouches.

2. You need to remove them while performing household chores or strenuous physical activities.

3. Use warm soapy water and a soft bristle brush to clean. Rinse with plain water

4. Refrain from using bleach and abrasive chemicals when cleaning the jewelry.

5. Get your black diamond jewelry professionally cleaned and inspected once every six months.

6. Avoid exposing them to high temperatures as this might alter the diamond’s color

7. Do not use steam or ultrasonic cleaners. They can cause damage to this stone.

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