Birthstones for Each Month: Buyer’s Guide

by Francis Alukkas | 22 September 2021 | ANTIQUE JEWELLERY

Looking for a perfect gift for yourself or a friend? Yes? You have landed at the right place. Whether you are planning to buy gifts for yourself or your loved ones, birthstones are the best choice. No matter which gender or age, birthstones are suitable and a perfect gift for all occasions. There are birthstones for each month. Fascination for birthstones in recent years has increased.

Birthstones for Each Month: Origin

It is believed that Christian scholars in the 5th century connected the twelve gems in the celestial Breastplate of Aaron with the twelve months of the year and twelve signs of the zodiac. They believed that each of these is in association with each other, and hence the concept of birthstones originated. It was only in1912 the National Association of Jewelers standardized the practice in the United States and officially adopted the list of birthstones by month as we know it today.

What are birthstones?

Birthstones are gems associated with each birth month of a year and have a unique meaning and significance. Often the character and personality of a person are well-identified in connection to the birthstone. Birthstones are used in jewelry and are believed to have mystical powers. Birthstone jewelry is worn as a symbol of wellness and good fortune.

Earlier, to get full benefits of each stone, people in every corresponding month used to wear birthstones each month. Later, with the standardization of the birthstones, today they are marketed based on a person’s birth month. Every birthstone has its characteristic tales and reveals a person’s personality born in a specific birth month.

Birthstones for Each Month

Want to know which stone is associated with your birth month? Learn more about the significance of each birthstone and find out the unique birthstone jewelry collections studded in rings, necklaces, earrings, bracelets, charms, and more. Amongst the collection, birthstone rings gold are the most popular choice of birthstone jewelry.

At Francis Alukkas, we have collections of jewelry designs with Birthstones for Each Month. We also hold a special section for children’s birthstone jewelry collection displaying unique birthstones for each month.

List of birthstones by month

There are unique colors of birthstones for each month. Read along to find out the name and color of the birthstone belonging to your birth month.

  1. The birthstone for January born is Garnet. It is typically deep red and is a symbol of trust and friendship.
  2. The birthstone for February born is Amethyst found in deep purple, signifying royalty. They are believed to protect the wearer and give a clear head to make sound judgments.
  3. Birthstone for March born is Aquamarine. As the name suggests, Aquamarines are blue and a symbol of hope, health, and everlasting youth.
  4. The birthstone for April born is Diamond. Commonly found in white or colorless, diamonds are precious stones along with ruby, emerald, and sapphire.
  5. Birthstone for May born in Emerald is a symbol of rebirth and love. They are found in deep rich green color.
  6. The birthstone for June born is Pearl. Found in varied colors, pearls are the only gems that are formed and found within living creatures. Pearls are considered as a symbol of love and peace.
  7. The birthstone for July born is Ruby, found in red color and is said to be the fortune bringer. The precious stone is a symbol of love, health, and wisdom.
  8. The birthstone for August-born is Peridot. Appearing in single olive green color, the birthstone is rarely found in sizes not more extensive than grain size.
  9. The birthstone for September born is Sapphire. Typically known for their rich blue color, sapphires are a symbol of loyalty and trust.
  10. The birthstone for October born is Opal. Opal reflects a blend of rainbow colors unique to each stone. The birthstone is believed to have the benefits of all the other gemstones in one.
  11. The birthstone for November born is Topaz. The yellow-brown stone is considered to have healing powers.
  12. The birthstone for December born is turquoise, found in shades of blue. For many years, the gemstone has been considered a holy stone in many cultures.
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