American Diamonds: Must-Knows

by Francis Alukkas | 30 November 2022 | DIAMOND JEWELLERY

American diamond is a reasonably priced gemstone that resembles a diamond but differs significantly from one. A man-made cubic crystalline form of zirconium dioxide is called cubic zirconia or American diamond. It resembles actual diamonds in appearance and is hard and typically colorless. As a result, Cubic Zirconia jewelry is quite well-liked in the market due to its resemblance to real diamonds, affordability, and hardness. The phrases American Diamond and Cubic Zirconia are commonly used interchangeably. Since the US was the first nation to create cubic zirconia in considerable quantities, it was given the term "American diamond." If you've ever been curious about what they are! You should read this article.

What are American Diamonds?

The American diamond is not a genuine diamond. Instead, they are made of Cubic Zirconia, a substance created by humans. These American stones often have a hard, colorless surface, but they also occur in a variety of other hues. Despite the fact that American diamond is a well-liked substitute for real diamonds, you should always be sure you are paying for what you are purchasing. American diamond jewelry is less expensive than jewelry made with actual diamonds since it is not genuine.

American Diamonds Vs Real Diamond

When placed on jewelry, American diamonds appear to be identical duplicates of genuine diamonds. An American diamond and an authentic diamond are difficult to differentiate at first glance. Zirconium dioxide also referred to as CZ, exists in the crystalline form of American diamond (cubic zirconia). The best way to describe American diamonds is as inexpensive and commonplace alternatives to diamonds.

Fortunately, it's not necessary to be an expert to tell an American diamond from a real diamond.

1. The first test is to look for scratches in the stone; a real diamond won't have any due to its extreme hardness.

2. The second technique involves inhaling fog onto the stone to perform a test. Real diamonds rapidly clean up because they are excellent heat conductors. 

3. The third technique involves placing a stone in a glass that is 3/4 full of pure water. Due to its high density, an actual diamond would sink.

Cubic zirconia is a man-made stone, hence it has no astrological significance. Due to their accessibility and aesthetic appeal, everyone can display these lovely stones. Also, Read: Significance and Characteristics of Diamond

Is American Diamond Real Diamond?

An American Diamond is not a genuine diamond. It is another term for Cubic Zirconia, an artificial diamond substitute. In contrast to CZ, which is comprised of synthetic zirconium dioxide, diamond contains carbons. This just isn't a substitute for a diamond because they don't have the same qualities.

American Diamonds Cost

Real diamonds are found in nature, whereas American Diamonds, also known as Cubic Zirconia, are man-made in a laboratory from the crystalline form of zirconium dioxide (ZrO2). In contrast to American Diamonds, which only fetch a few dollars per carat, real diamonds sell for thousands of dollars per carat! While an American diamond weighing 1 kg would cost less than Rs. 15,000, a carat of real diamond would cost approximately Rs. 70,000. They are entirely different materials with comparable qualities. Also, Read: Diamond Color: Must-Knows

Is American Diamond Expensive?

No, but quality matters. All diamonds are categorized using the four Cs: clarity, color, cut, and carat ( size ).  They are measured in carats and points and are classified as a triple A stones if they are flawless ( 100 points per carat ) A stone is 1.3 carats if it has 130 points. Like this sapphire, which weighs 5 carats in 500 points. Consequently, price increases with size.

American diamonds are the epitome of elegance and class. Its design can give you all the grace you need to wear it as jewelry. And because of its low price, it is accessible to everyone who has a particular place in their heart for diamonds. The price of American diamond stones is relatively low, and there is a large global market for American diamond jewelry because of this. Additionally, the American diamond stone assists the wearer in developing a positive social image and in achieving a respected position in society.

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