2022 Indian Trending Bridal Jewelry List

by Francis Alukkas | 27 April 2022 | INDIAN WEDDING JEWELLERY

It is almost impossible to picture an Indian bride without jewelry. They are usually adorned with beautiful pieces that complement their attire and look. So many brides nowadays love to have their jewelry customized for their special day. But they all seem to follow the trends of the season. You should know what is currently in vogue before you go out to buy a diamond and gold jewelry set for a wedding. Here are some bridal jewelry trends that will become popular in 2022.

Polki and Kundan: For the Traditional Indian Bride

Trends and choices indeed change with time. But a traditional Indian bride never goes out of style. Polki and Kundan styles have been in fashion for a long time and they alone are enough to complete the look of a traditional Indian bride. You can find some of the best gold and diamond jewelry collections in this design.

The Polki designs were brought to India by the Mughals and Kundan is a Rajasthani version of it. Even though both look similar. Polki jewelry uses unfinished diamonds while Kundan Jewellery makes use of glasses. They also contain a variety of semi-precious stones in their designs. Kundan designs are often referred to as the budget-friendly version of Polki designs.

Multi-Layered Necklace: for the Maharani in You

Multi-layered necklaces are slowly coming back in style over the past few seasons wearing multiple pieces. They are made in various designs including Kundan, mis. These necklaces usually have more than four layers and make it look like the bride is mirror work, stones, and pearls, and can complement and elevate any bridal look.

Multi-layered necklaces come in different styles and are a perfect blend of fashion and convention. It can be designed according to the buyer’s preference and as a result, there are a variety of choices. You can even come up with fusion versions to make your look unique.

Temple Jewellery: Handcrafted and Immortal

Temple jewelry is believed to have originated from the South Indian Chola tradition. During the ninth Century, goddesses and other divine beings were adorned in precious gems and jewelry. These designs known for their nakashi were then integrated into the jewelry of brides who had their weddings in temples. Later on, because of their uniqueness and beauty, temple jewelry started becoming a favorite of all brides.

Temple bridal jewelry usually has elaborate necklaces with matching jumkas made of gold. Beautiful red and green stones are placed on them to enhance their beauty and value.

Wedding jewelry trends go beyond designs. Bridal jewelry in trend also depends on the ornaments that brides tend to choose. Over time, ornaments also tend to gain popularity, irrespective of designs. Here is a list of ornaments that brides favor in 2022.

Maang Tikka

Today, no bride is complete without a maang tikka. They come in many forms and you can choose the best style to complement the rest of your jewelry. When you upgrade a maang tikka with embellished chains on both sides, they are called matha patti.


Necklaces have never been out of fashion. A well-chosen necklace can take your look to another level. Necklaces can be of numerous choices. They can vary from simple bib necklaces to addigai etc. Also, Read: Necklaces for Different Dress Neckline

Rani Haar

Rani Haar literally means a neckpiece for the queens. They are long, majestic necklaces that are significantly longer and regal, having various layers and a pendant. Often studded with rubies, emeralds, or even diamonds and pearls, they are irresistibly gorgeous and have a royal touch to them.


When you have such exquisite jewelry on your neck and forehead, you cannot leave your ears bare. Brides need to always wear heavy earrings as they may cause strain, but you can always choose simple pieces that complement the rest of your jewelry. Also, Read: Gold Earrings for Bride: Guide


Indian bridal jewelry is famous for its rich and ethnic bangles. Every bride usually has one or two bangles that are passed down as a custom. There are a variety of designs like the chooda or polki bangles from the north or the traditional Kerala kappu that can complement the whole look.

Kamarbandh or waistband

Waistbands can be layered or thin, studded or beaded, and can be of varying lengths and designs. They give your waistline a flattering look and elevate your overall style.

Some of the other ornaments that all brides love to wear are antique rings, anklets, hand harness, nose rings, etc. When you come up with a look where the jewelry matches the outfit and the bride, you will become an exquisite bride. You can visit our website for the latest bridal jewelry designs at attractive prices.

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